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    numerical analysis mathlab question

    how to do those tables of calculation in math lab i got sum really long formullas in other question and if ill do the itterations i will spend half a day just on that
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    check my errors,i can't run mathlab...

    Generate an image I with x and y both varying from -10 to 10 with step-size dx and dy both as 0.2, and scale the intensity value of the image to [0, 255]; theta = pi/6 dx = 0.2 dy = 0.2 x=-10 y=-10 a=0.4 mat = zeros(100) %create 100 by 100...
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    mathlab- root finding

    Hey im trying to find the secant method. I am trying to modify my newton's code, but am not getting anywhere. Here is the code I am using for newton's. >> format long >> c=1 c = 1 >> n=0; >> x=1.5; >> f=@(x) ((x)^4-c); >> fder=@(x) (4*(x)^3); >> while...
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    Mathlab code

    it's Nafis.Hope all of you are fine.I am doing my Msc project on Cooperative diversity.I need your help to implement some design.Could you please help me.It's urgent.I have to submit my Msc project on 25th of April.I am giving the design below: 1.Transmitter -----------------...
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    Mathlab help Bisection Method

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to use the bisection methode to do this problem and matlab, but I keep having problems with inputing my formula. Here is it below: My formula: ln(x+1)+tan(2x) = 0 Here is my bisection method m-file: function ww=bisect(f,a0,b0,tol) %a and b are the end...
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    Mathlab integral(area)

    Hello I have Mathlab installed at my computer and want to compute the integral (area) between to functions and I don´t know how and what commands to use. My two functions are (x/((11.08^0.138*4202463^0.235*5508000^0.4*1000*10^2.806)/0.8515))^(1/-0.444) and x= 10 And then is it possible to...
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    eliminate 50Hz noise in ECG using mathlab

    hi i am doing research about development of adaptive digital notch filter for the removal of 50Hz power line noise in ECG.i have a sample of 50Hz noise of i need to call the file in must i do it?im very new to mathlab..please help me..
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    Actualization of eqaution in MathLab

    Hello all, I attached the following eqaution, can anyone please tell me how to implement it using Mathlab or even Turbo C. Best Regrets