1. D

    Want help in solving this Diferrential equation by variable separable method!

    How can I solve this euqation by variable separable ? I know after separating variable it will be solved by partial fraction by I stuck at the values of A and B on the side of y! dy/dx = (y3 + 2y) / (x2 ​+ 3x )
  2. J

    Random Needs

    Professor Jackson is in charge of a program to prepare people for a high school equivalency exam. Records show that 80% of the students need work in Math, 70% need work in English, and 55% need work in both areas. Compute the probability that a student selected at random needs: (a) Math or...
  3. A

    mistified by mathematics

    Hi I am starting to study math as a serious pastime. My job or life situation is not remotely related to mathematics and I dont have any prospect to improve them by starting to self-study in this área but who cares. A salute to my friends from the other side of the Atlantic
  4. H

    Mathematics 1 Word Problem ... HELP!!!

    An irrigation engineer is designing a profile for a channel to pass through a farm that is in a shape of a square of side length 25 KM as shown in Fig 1. The proposed profile follows the following equation: Y= Asin(X)+Bcos (X)+Cln (x)+Dx +E 1. By selecting ideal reference points from the...
  5. P

    Leonardo da Vinci & mathematics

    Have Fun With This.
  6. jimkhondekar

    Please help me to complete the entire list of Mathematics topics.

    Hello, I wanted to know about the total course of Mathematics. So I was just trying to create an entire list of Mathematics Courses. Here is the broad section I have devided. 1. School Mathematics 2. BSc Mathematics 3a. MSc Pure Math 3b. MSc Applied Math But when I am going to list each section...
  7. F

    Multivarible mathematics vector problem

    I have a multi-variable mathematics word problem that I'm not sure how to tackle. Can someone explain with steps on how to solve this problem? One has to smash through a wall using a hammer. You can hit an object with a maximum force of 55 MegaN, more than enough to destroy the wall. You will...
  8. X

    solving sets finite mathematics...

    Okay, so, this is all the information given from the question, I've put it in place...but i'm completely and totally stuck, I've tried a multitude of things and nothing is giving me a proper answer... HELP!(Headbang) please and thank you... I'll give you an internet star and love forevers? I...
  9. J

    Finite Mathematics Question!

    Martin has 10 different rare coins that he wishes to give to his son and daughter. In how many ways can he give all the coins to his two children if each child must receive at least one coin? ​
  10. J

    Geometric Distribution

    Hi, wondering if anyone could help me out with the question below! Let X have a geometric distribution. Show thatP(X >k+j|X >k)=P(X >j), where k and j are nonnegative integers. Note: We some-times say that in this situation there has been loss ofmemory.
  11. M

    Where Can I learn more about the mathematics of Spirals?

    Is there any formal mathematics book about this subject? What is it called? thanks
  12. M

    Need help understanding the mathematics mentioned in a popular science book

    The text is this, quoted: "Well, you know how you can figure the distance between two points by measuring the distance along two parallel axes, right? If an object is three steps east of you and four steps north, then it's five steps away in a direction 37 degrees east of north. That total...
  13. R

    You Love Mathematics

    At what age did you realize math is your passion? Why do you like math?
  14. C

    "warning speculation" Relative Mathematics

          Relative Mathematics     It is the inherent nature of all things that they are a compilation of two different and distinct things. It is axiomatic that these two things are space and value. The value of any given thing being what it is, while the space is what it occupies. It is true...
  15. R

    Staying In-Tune with Mathematics

    Let me begin by saying that I am not a math student. I am just a math enthusiast. I enjoy learning math through self-study time. However, I find it really hard to keep so many topics fresh in mind. For example, if I am learning precalculus using a textbook, I typically start with chapter 1...
  16. S

    A problem in applied mathematics

    Hi, I am a new user of MHF . I am a retired geophysicist and interested in problem in applied mathematics. I need help to solve the following boundary-value-problem: y"(x) = {a sinh(x) [cosh(x)]**2} y(x) y(0) = 1, y(x) -> 0 as abs(x) -> infinity where a is a large positive number. How to...
  17. R

    Venn Diagram Mathematics

    A clasd of 41 girls takes History (H), Commerce (C) and Geography (G). The Venn Diagram shows their choice distribution. (1) Find x. (2) Find n(H U G) (3) Find n(G' n H')
  18. I

    Dutch VWO Mathematics B past papers?

    Hello everyone. I'm sitting a dutch VWO mathematics B paper (in english) next week. Does anyone know where I can find any (english) past papers for it? So far, I've only been able to find one from the website of the institute where I will sit the exam: Access Exams - Boswell-Bèta Utrecht Centre...
  19. J

    Need help in calculus 2!!

    Can anyone please help me with part b and c?? Thanks a lot!!
  20. E

    Is there a book for all proofs in mathematics ?

    I want a book for the proofs in mathematics for example the proof for (cos^2 +sin^2 = 1)