1. Grundy

    How I plot this function in Mathcad?

    Hi Folks! I'm starting to learn PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 and I need to plot this function: Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
  2. A

    Mathcad Help

    Anyone know how to solve an equation by taking the natural log of both sides in mathcad? I tried the given instructions and it came up with all sorts of errors and out of memory warnings(Crying)
  3. M

    Ladder around a corner **mathcad help**

    i am doing the ladder round a corner problem, trying to find out the angle and length of the ladder, i am trying to solve by using trig 2 trig equations to find the total length of the hypotenuse. attached is my working. Thanks
  4. Y

    need some help with mathcad

    there is an option to solve and leave the variable as a variable ? Eg. F2 - variable (i don't know what is 'F2' and i need to give the answer with 'F2') Y:=2*F2+0.5*F2=2.5 F2 ?? thanks!
  5. J

    MATHCAD problems

    I have a homework sheet which I have almost done but there are some parts which I cannot seem to figure out. I will post them here and hope that someone can help me with some of them. 1.Solve for the X-values which make the function true. X^3+25>10X^2-15X 2. Solve for Y (how do I make...
  6. R

    Need some Help with MathCad :)

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone uses mathcad prime 1.0? I'm using it at the moment and trying to find the co-efficients of an 8th order polynomial using boundary conditions. if anyone can help me set up and solve this equation it would be much appreciated! :) Thanks! Here is the equation...
  7. E

    Linear algebra. Solve in Mathcad.

    Hey there guys! Need some help with matrix. (matrix example attached) Really need help since don't understand so much of these topics! Task. The 2 last numbers of student ID are given a,b . Choose 3 different number c, d and e, which are not equal to 0. Choose 15 different positive or...
  8. H

    Mathcad Equation Longer Than Page Width

    Hi all, I've completed part of an assignment and it all looks well presented but one solution exceeds the width of the page. I can work around it by formatting the math font size to 8, but it applies this to the whole document and makes it look a little untidy. Is their any method where...
  9. T

    Mathcad Second Derivative Test Issue

    I'm trying to do a simple second derivative test on mathcad but the answer I always get is 0. I'm totally baffled now.
  10. X

    How do I perform Implicit Differentiation in MathCad?

    I am trying to use MathCad to solve an implicit differentiation but I have no idea how I could do it. It seems to only solve a normal differentiation with only one variable. I defined this... f(x, y) := x^2 + y^2 and then differentiated it with respect to x but I get... d(f(x, y)) / dx -> x^2...
  11. W

    lim division by zero and analytical geometry

    Hello everyone! I'm using MathCad14 and have 2 questions: 1) in first image, chiper of lim is needed. I get undefined result because of 0/0. It's forbidden to use L'Hopital's rule. Should I just write 0/0 by hand? 2)in second image, it's obvious that there's some kind of error, because of...
  12. I

    MathCad 14 does not display 3D plot!

    2D plots is OK. Maple 13 displays 3D plots very well so i think the problem is not in DirectX or OpenGL. Can anyone help?
  13. J

    MathCAD: how to read matrix into a time series

    Hello I'm trying to read a file which contains data for every day of the year for several years The file is in CSV format (hurray!) and can be easily read by MathCAD but the resultant table is in the format: Year, Day of Month, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec...
  14. N

    Mathcad Diff. Eq

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve diff. equations like the one attached in matlab or mathcad? I know that I need to have initial boundary conditions in order to solve but I'm not sure about anything else?
  15. S

    Finite Differences in Mathcad 14

    Hi everybody! I have updated to Mathcad14 and have some troubles with some algorithms. They work correctly on my old old Mathcad 2001 but doesn't on my new version.. I have to solve 2D differential equations, and used to do it by finite differences on the 2001 version with the algoritm that I'd...
  16. B

    Mathcad volume calc

    Hi all, I am very new to Mathcad & would like to know how would I go about solving the maximum possible volume of an object where: V(x)=(10+x)/6.sqrt(32-(5-x)^2) The value of x is between 0 & 10.657 Thank you
  17. T

    MATHCAD help please

    Hello, I have the function f(x)= x(8-5x)(28+5x)/2(2+x)^2 Interval(0<x<1.6) which I have fond the deriviative as f'(x) = 1/2x(8-5x)(28+5x)/(2+x)^2 I found this using simplyfy as when i try to solve symbolically it say no solution. Form this I have to solve the equation f'(x)=0 for x to...
  18. A

    Thermo VLE problem with mathcad

    The problem is not the actual solution of the problem - it is getting mathcad to produce the answers (all homework is required to be done in Mathcad for this class). See the mathcad file here. So, I need to find 3 things - bubble pressure, y1 and y2. I have 3 equations - modified Rault (1 for...
  19. G

    Mathcad - system of ODEs with Minimize function

    Hello, I’ve got a problem which I have to solve in Mathcad software. Here’s the description: There is a system of ODEs and in these equations 2 constants are hidden. My task is to find the values of those constants in such a way that the solution of ODEs will mach experimental results...
  20. B


    Anyone here any good at it, im trying to plot a graph from a function, ive put everything on the page but nothing appears on the graph. pm me if you can help thanks