1. C

    Probability Question #1

    2. The phone lines to an airline reservation system are occupied 40% of the time. Assume that the events that the lines are occupied on successive calls are independent. Assume that 10 calls are placed to the airline. What is the expected number of calls in which the lines are all occupied
  2. A

    Trying to evaluate this integral with this graph to give an exact value

    So i'm trying to evaluate the integral ∫6 -3 f(x) dx, where the graph of f is given in the following figure. I have to give an exact value. I Can't seem to get the correct answer for this one, wondering if someone can explain the steps!
  3. A

    I cannot seem to fine G(x) within the formula, it seems pretty simple.

    We want to calculate the limit. limx→∞4x23x4+2−−−−−−√ . Rewrite 4x23x4+2−−−−−−√ as 43+g(x)−−−−−−−√ where g(x)= ?
  4. R

    Polynomial division with remainders, could someone help, please?

    Let f(x) = x^4+px^3+qx+5, where p, q are constants. The remainder when f(x) is divided by (x+1) is 7, and the remainder when f(x) is divided by (x-2) is 1. Find the value of p and the value of q. Could someone solve it, please? I've been stuck on this problem for over two hours...
  5. H

    Flexible math software that can run multiple processes together - suggestions?

    I’ve been looking for a certain type of software that can handle multiple things in the same file such as code (C or Python will do), diagrams (graphs, charts, instruments…), documentation (text editing), and mathematical functions. This format is very important for me because I need these...
  6. J

    Confidence interval by hand

    Hi, really can't figure out this as it needs to be solved by hand (to be used orally). I only have an idea of how to nspire. Therefore, I hope there is a genius that can solve it in the head / or know the formula. Thanks in advance! A normally distributed stochastic variable X has mean value µ...
  7. M

    Hi there! Can you please help me solve this ex :(

    Hi there! Can you please help me solve this ex :( a dilute solution is made of cleaner and water in ratio 2.4 to 4. What volume (in mL) of cleaner should be used to get 360 mL of diluted solution
  8. T

    Find x where sin(x) gives the same result when expressed in radians or degrees.

    The title is pretty much the question, but for more elaboration..: Define the functions...f(x) = sinx where x is measured in radiansg(x) = sinx where x is measured in degrees.On the same set of axes, draw the graphs of both f(x) and g(x) for 0≤x≤20. Indicate on your graph the smallest positive...
  9. S

    Calculating Gross Totals - Business

    Hello there, to give some context, I'm a business owner who sells concessions like food and drinks. I'm using Excel to help me track my sales and gross. What I'm trying to do is find an equation that will allow me to find my Gross Total from my Sum Price and Sum Count. To give an example...
  10. K

    Calculus Old Quiz Problems Help

    1. Let R be the region bounded by the graphs of y= sinx and y = 1 - sinx on (pi/6, 5pi/6) Use the washer or disk method to set up (but do not evaluate) an integral that will determine the volume of the solid obtained by revolving R about the line y=3 2. Use calculus determine volume of the...
  11. A

    How to arrange a football team and substitutions

    Hi all, First time on the forum for me, looking for some help on a practical problem! Basically me and some colleagues have a football match tomorrow, and we would like to figure out how we can all spend the same time on the field, given some restrictions: Strikers: Iago, Javier Midfielders...
  12. P

    Algebra II

    Please help with this algebra question. I'm supposed to convert 64 cubic meters per second to cubic feet per hour using unit multipliers. I thought it'd be as simple as using an online converted but it's not.
  13. J

    Simultaneous Equations

    A journal is planning to increase the price of its magazine. According to a recent survey, 1250 magazines will decrease for each 0.025 dollars increase of the magazine price. What is the price of the magazine that will increase the revenue of the journal to its maximum. The normal price of the...
  14. H

    How to solve this integral using substitution?

    $$int{(x-(\sqrt{x}-5)^2)^2} dx$$ I find the answer using expansion. How to solve it using substitution?
  15. R

    Economics Homework Help

    I know that people who are good at math may be good at economics too. Please help me to solve this. F. Monetary expansion: Let M (nominal money supply) increase to 1840. Find equilibrium Y, i, C and I. What happens to Y, i, C and I when the Fed increases money supply through open market...
  16. R

    Geometry Homework Help

    Hi, please help me to find the answer. Given paralleogram efgh with perimeter 52, solve for fg, eg, and y. I asked also at do you know how soon will I get the answer?
  17. CaptainAmerica97


    Can someone please help me with the this math problem: If a seed is planted, it has a 70% chance of growing into a healthy plant. If 8 seeds are planted, what is the probability that exactly 1 doesn't grow?
  18. B

    divide two numbers using log table?

    How do you divide 3533 by 9043 using log table?
  19. U

    Creating Rational Functions and Holes

    We are graphing on Desmos and I am confused on how to do these questions and create holes for them. 1. Identify a rational function whose graph lies entirely above the x-axis and has a single vertical asymptote. Graph the above function. 2. Identify a rational function whose graph has the...
  20. U

    Finding Area Function in Terms of Length

    My math teacher has only gone over questions like these once in class and does not really explain clearly, so I’m struggling with the whole question. Here it is. “There is 1500ft of fencing that needs to be closed off at all sides. Find the area function in terms of length, dimensions, and...