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    Rayleigh-Ritz Method for Plate Buckling Boundary Value Problem

    Hello Everybody, I need some help if possible for the following problem. I want to calculate the deflection formula and the critical buckling load for a rectangular composite plate under uniaxial in plane load. The plate is clamped on the loaded ends and free on the unloaded...
  2. K

    ODE (Maple)

    Greetings mathematicians, I have a techinal problem with Maple Software product, Maple 18. I want to plot my solution for the ODE with k1 = 20 and k2 = 1, but I cannot. Here is how it looks. I am sure that something is not defined correctly when it comes to SolA (SolB and SolC are correct...
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    Simplying linear equation to get quartic in q with using Maple and using Descarte’s

    Using the maple I am trying to get quardic in q from this big linear equation. Then use Descarte’s rule of signs to determine the number of positive roots. \begin{equation} \frac{\gamma*q*P_Q}{k_p*(1-q)*P_C} =...
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    Solving the linear equation with using Maple

    Using maple I am trying to solve for q from this big linear equation. \begin{equation} \frac{\gamma*q*P_Q}{k_p*(1-q)*P_C} = \frac{I*\alpha}{k_f+k_d+\frac{k_n*\lambda_b*\gamma*q*P_Q}{\lambda_b*\gamma*q*P_Q+k_p*\lambda_r*(1-q)^2}+k_p*(1-q)} \end{equation} Values of parameters are given below...
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    Maple animation not working

    Basically the animation I'm trying to make has a graph on the first frame and blank for the rest, i have a screenshot of what I've done. Can anyone pinpoint an error?(I need when N=50 ,0<= x<= 5, t from 0 to 3 over 50 frames)
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    System of ODE's using a 4th Order Runge-Kutta Method - MAPLE CODE

    Hey, I am currently trying to program a system of ODE's in a 4th order Runge-Kutta Method in maple. Maple doesn't seem to like my code! Whats wrong restart; with(plots): f:=(x,y,t)->x(t)+2*y-t; x0:=-1.0; g:=(x,y,t)->2*y(t)-x-5*t; y0:=2.0; t0:=0...
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    Maple 16, anyone familiar with this program?? help!

    is anyone familiar with the Maple 16 software? This is part of a project involving truth tables and i am stuck on, it's not giving me the answers that i need. so the question is: Determine if the argument ((p -> ~q)^(p -> r))^(q -> r) => (p^q) is a tautology and thus valid. what i have typed...
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    Solving and plotting this differential equation

    Hi i have the differential equations: \frac{1}{M_{\phi}} \frac{d (p_{\phi}(a) a^3)}{d a} = -\sqrt{\frac{3}{8}} \frac{a}{\sqrt{p_{\phi}(a) a^{4}M_{\phi}+p_{R}(a)a^4}} \frac{1}{M_{\phi}^{2}} \frac{d (p_{R}(a) a^4)}{d a} = \sqrt{\frac{3}{8}} \frac{a^2}{\sqrt{p_{\phi}(a)...
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    Mathematica vs Maple

    is mathematica the best software program to learn? I found in some ways maple was easier to use and more powerful for calculus it is interesting that you can compose classical music on mathematica
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    Maple help!!!!!

    I have this maple assignment and i have no idea where to even start. Basically right now i have the formula in maple for part a and thats it! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How can I see the steps of solving a PDE in maple .

    How can I see the steps of solving a PDE ( partial differential equation ) in maple . for example see the sepration variables and other equations that lead to final Eq . I use maple 15
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    Maple Procedure Input Question

    Hey this is a Maple 16 question. With a given set of pairs S:={[1, 1], [2, 1], [2, 2], [3, 1]...} and a procedure f:=proc(x,y) that has two input variables how can I execute the procedure for each pair in S?
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    Partial Differential Equation- Maple

    Hello! du/dt=5*d^2u/dx^2 Initial condition: u(x,0)=f(x)=3*sin(2*x)+6*sin(5*x) Boundery condition: u(0,t)=u(Pi,t)=0 t>=0, x=[0,Pi], du is partial derivate How to do thi in Maple? Kjell
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    Partial Differential Quotation - Maple 15

    Hello! u(x,y) du/dx +2*x*u=0 du/dx is the partial derivate. How do you do this in Maple? I have tried this: PDE:=du/dx u(x,y)+2*x*(u(x,y)=0 ans(PDE) but get wrong answer Kjell
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    Maple - solving the unknown t

    How can I solve this in Maple. 24000:=((1/12*(350-t)*(350-t)^3)-(Pi/64*(t*(25/10))^4))/(175-t); I tried solve(...) but it didn't work. Could anyone help me? Kind regards, Johan
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    need help with maple software please

    given : J(n)=b*A(n) S(n+1)=j*J(n) A(n+1)=s*S(n) + a*A(n) b=0.5 a=0.7 , A(0)=70 j=0.75 , J(0)=75 s=0.8 , S(0)=80 n is integer write a procedure to find A(5)=? , J(5)=? , S(5)=?
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    Maple 14 new user needs help on a polynomial fitting program

    Hi there! I'm a chemist and for the first time I need to use a polynomial fitting of the 4th grade to approximate some experimental datas. I made this afternoon a program that worked from top to bottom then I made some mistakes during the saving I think, and my program is no more able to...
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    Solving maths using Maple

    Hi, im currently trying to solve a question using maple however im struggling if someone could help me that would be great, 2) Write a procedure in Maple which calculates, in floating point form, the general term of the infinite series: 1+1/4+1/9+1/16... Using a while loop, calculate the sum...
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    Determinant in Maple

    Hi all !! I'm trying to create a determinant code in Maple, or to find how the determinant is coded in the library. I had a look on the internet but didn't find anything, could anyone help me ?
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    Maple how long should I expect Maple to find the inverse of a 400x400 matrix

    Hi, I programmed an implicit numerical scheme which requires maple to find the inverse of a 400x400 matrix. Once it succeeds, it has to multiply a 400x1 matrix by this 400x400 inverse 1500 times. how long should I expect it to take? Its already been running for minutes, but I have no...