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    Making concise function to amplify controller input

    Hey MHF, I am making a game and am stumped trying to create a function to amplify player input. The problem goes like this: I have a 2d point p1. If p1 is within a circle c1 with radius r centered at (0, 0), then what is the best way to create a point p2 that exists on c1 but that has the same...
  2. S

    making a function

    not sure how to do this problem, explanation needed.
  3. N

    this compound interest making me go nutz

    can someone explain Q1 with that 1% 1% things what the is that? i absolutely have no idea how to do these questions (i know compound interst formula) i can't understand the question at all. especially part .iii) also Q2 how to do compound with geometry? also what the is "Table B"?
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    I am making a 1st order linear ODE harder than it is!

    Hello all, This is from a relatively well-known text, I am turning something into a pig's ear here. I'm not going to start from square one, because I am good to go there, but from the original problem, I've managed to get as far as 8 ln|3x-5|= t +C, with the C being the constant of...
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    making p the subject of the formula

    Hi i am trying to make p the subject of the following formula y = 1+ \frac{4}{p} i know that if i subtract 1 from both sides i will be left with y-1 = \frac{4}{p} can anyone please explain the next step to get p on its own
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    I've been making straight Bs, but I had to drop Calculus II? How did I get so lost?

    Well, here's what I've done so far in Math. I took College Algebra last fall in 2014, and then took Trigonometry over Winter Term. I took Precalculus in the Spring, and then took Calculus I over the Summer. I passed, and I was set to take Calculus II this fall, but I had to drop it a week in...
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    Help with making equation

    A boy has certain number of sweets. If he eats 16 a day, they will last him for 2 days longer than if he eats 18 a day. How many sweets has he ?
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    Attempt making smartphone with wraparound
  9. M

    Making two ratios equivalent

    Hi all I have this question The sum of three numbers is 98. The ratio of the first to second is 2:3 and that of second to third is 5:8, then the second number is? How do I get the ratio of the three numbers i.e. first : second: third Thanks
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    Trig Question.....and making sure I'm not crazy

    "Which of the following gives the solution of tan x = -1 in Π <x< 3Π/2 ?" A. -Π/4 B. Π/4 C. Π/3 D. 3Π/4 E. 5Π/4 Ok, I thought that in the given interval (the third quadrant), the tangent value was ALWAYS positive, because both the sine and cosine functions are negative in that interval...
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    Making sense of a proof that every integer is congruent modulo n to some element of S

    I'm trying to make sense, well better sense, of a proof of the following that my instructor gave me, while I work out my own proof of the same if then statement. The problem is; Let k \in \mathbb{Z} and n \in \mathbb{N}. Consider the set S=\{k, k+1,...,k+n-1\} Prove that every integer is...
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    calculating probability of making the correct choice

    So an annoying question is floating around where four answers are given, asking the probability of picking the correct one, with the following answers provided: a) 25% b) 50% c) 60% d) 25% I came up with a question to better visualize this and then I tried to solve that instead. We have...
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    Am I making a model or a simulation?

    Take a look at anyone of these sculptures: Reuben Margolin :: Waves If I were to write code to represent the physics of any of these systems (take Neko's Nebula for example) -- would I be creating a model or simulation of this system (or neither)? I want to model it to change some parameters...
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    Help Making "Flight Simulator" Style Movements (based on rotation along axes)

    Hi, I am working on a video game where the camera movement (in this case what the viewer sees) is controlled by a joystick. I want the camera movement to act like a flight simulator meaning the following: When the user points the joystick "down" (toward the screen) the camera points down (think...
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    Decision Making Model

    Homework Assignment that I need help with: Given: Company A produces and sells a popular pet food product packaged under two brand names, with formulas that contain different proportions of the same ingredients. Company A made this decision so that their national branded product would be...
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    Want to know an intuitive but valid way of making metric sets

    I just want an intuitive but valid way to describe a set S where every element in S is a coordinate (x, y, z, t) and every component is a real number multiplied by 1 standard unit of measure. This is how I'd like to describe S, but I don't know if it's too inconsistent with convention. Let Rm =...
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    Making sense of it all

    33 ms = 33 x 10-3 s = 0.033 s So, the duty cycle is (0.033 s ÷ T s) x 100% = 3% (what is the value of T) Transposing the formula gives T s = insert your workings here = = Ans A s = Ans B ms 1 hour = 60min x 60 s = 3 600...
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    Need help making subject for equation

    Hey everyone, I am currently facing a algebra question which have stumped me for days. I try numerously but I was told that the way I done was wrong. Can you guys lend me a hand? I need to make 1) the subject in the equation for the first question. 2) the subject in the equation for the...
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    accounting (relevant costs and decision making)

    « Spring is coming soon » Co. makes 40,000 units per year of a part called XX for use in one of its products. Data concerning the unit production costs of XX follow: Direct materials $25 Direct labour $16 Variable manufacturing Overhead $9 Fixed manufacturing overhead $25 Total $75 An...
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    Decision making problem

    Hi Guys, I've got this problem where I need to select a carton of milk, 2 bottles of water and a juice box out of a list shown below. The idea is to select the 4 items that will allow me to end up with the largest possible total Litres. However the trick is that it must be done as if there were...