1. M

    Math is a language, if I may, how do you math experts say, I love you, in math?

    I have read nth times that math is a language. Please forgive me, dear math experts here, but how do you say in math: I love you?
  2. R

    You Love Mathematics

    At what age did you realize math is your passion? Why do you like math?
  3. B

    the Boor I'll always love you side roses et

    the Boor I'll always love you side roses et loll say hello runs and Germany is the real good got allot Goji Vita of friends who live showing last recent call last: Brent go I old I S large Kailas Nat the I yeah I not only the businesses LaHood golden government aid medicine but the line in this...
  4. A

    Not sure how to do these, I would love some help!

    I've been looking at this question for some time and I have not gotten much done apart from messing with the sin function! I would really like to know how I set this up! A population of animals oscillates sinusoidally between a low of 500 on January 1 and a high of 1000 on July 1. Graph the...
  5. V

    i used to love math :/ numerical analysis

    help plzzz
  6. D

    I love Math!!

    Hello, my name is DeeAytch, and I dream about field extensions and solving linear systems with determinants. I am proficient in: Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, The History of Mathematics, and LaTeX. lets go (:
  7. D

    Coordinates...would love a lil help thx!

    My daughter completed the first page of her homework but is having trouble with problem #3 and #4 (my husband and I are of no help).
  8. E

    Advanced Functions question, would love some help

    Experiment Problem... please help.Another Experiment is performed using coins. This time, the experimenter starts with 4 coins. Each time she tosses the coins into the air, she counts the number of heads that appear; then adds that number of coins to the amount she previously had. The following...
  9. N

    NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE 2 QUESTIONS AND I will forever love you

    imgur: the simple image sharer
  10. W

    Cartier Bracelet Love

    If the female wears the cartier bracelet love, she will be very attractive and gorgeous. Every women love diamonds, men are no exception. Cartier bracelet love or necklaces can also make the men look sensational. Many men also prefer cartier bracelet love, necklaces, especially for young...
  11. S

    A Cipher Ask For Help If You Need I'd Love to see it solved.

    A Cipher Ask For Help If You Need I'd Love to see it solved. Ive put it into a pretty simple form so as long as you know basic algebra then I can explain my very obvious typing impadiment. Mathematicians Cipher...
  12. GKC

    Beginning to Love math

    Hi guys, I know you don't know me at all I only signed up very early September before I started my first year of college. I have to say tho, I have to take basic college mathematics because I scored so lowly on the placer tests (mainly because of my issues in high school..not with...
  13. D

    For the love of Maths.

    Hey everybody. I'll be straight up with you guys and say I'm average at best in Math. But I wish to improve myself especially in terms of logical ability. I'll be in your care and I'll do my best to contribute. Thanks.
  14. W

    Cartier Love Ring

    When we have the first love, we often think that the love will last forever just like the stars will shine at night, the sun is shining during the day. We think that the forever love is so common that everyone can own it. But we are totally wrong.ring here. You always think that you can...
  15. D

    I love you all!

    Hi, just here to introduce myself. Math is difficult and hurts my brain. But I want to improve and love it. I'm 16, in high school. I like cats, people, books and surfing through google. Thats about it. Love all of you guys!
  16. J

    I'm Jose , actually studying Marine Engineering, I love maths

    Hello, I'm Jose and originally from Angola, I've done my high School in maths and Science in Angola, actually I'm studying Marine Engineering in South Africa, I love calculations and actually I found your forum because I was looking for" maths age problem" to send to some boys by Blackberry...
  17. L

    If any lovely person would be so kind as to help me out, I'll love them forever.

    What is the length of the longer leg of a 30-60-90 triangle with the hypotenuse of length 24 square root of 3 meters squared? If the area of a square is 225 cm squared, what is the length of the diagonal? What is the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of length 80 ft...
  18. L

    Hi, rather easy systems of equations problem that I would love help on

    thanks for looking! Please say what equations you used. Thanks a lot, I love this site!
  19. B

    Intergrate Calc dont you love it

    Intergrate (2x^2+4x+22) / (x^2+2x+10) dx