1. F

    need lots of help

    Hi all, Firstly, apologies for the many questions, but I promised my little niece I would help. However, my math skills are about 16 years old, so i've resorted to posting the questions here. Any help, with working out so I can help her understand, would be amazing. She is doing some questions...
  2. H

    Derivative with lots of e's

    f(x)=ln((e^x-e^(-x))/x) Here is what I have done: f'(x)=ln(e^x-e^(-x))-ln(x) f'(x)=(e^x+e^(-x))/(e^x-e^(-x)) - (1/x) f'(x)=(xe^x+xe^(-x)-e^x+e^(-x))/(x(e^x-e^(-x)) but the derivative calculator I use to check my work and make sure that I am understanding these is giving me this: I have...
  3. R

    help needed with lots of questions

    please help... fully factorise the following: x^4 + 4 factorise the following: 18(x+1)^2 - 9(x+1) - 2
  4. U

    Why do lots of formula's / equations have

    I've been looking at many formula's both in mathematics and physics, this applies right across the board and I'm just wondering why soooo many of them have something or other squared. Why always squared and not cubed or something else? What is the nature for squaring something all the time...
  5. X

    u substitution help -- lots of e^x

    hi there, I need help solving the following problem using U-substitution: any idea what I should set my u variable equal to? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks so much & all the best - xecutioner
  6. Random Variable

    indefinite integrals (lots of them)

    These were posted on another forum. 1) \displaystyle \int \frac{dx}{\sqrt{5x+3}+\sqrt{5x-2}} 2) \displaystyle \int \frac{dx}{\sqrt{\cos^{3}(x) \sin^{5}(x)}} 3) \displaystyle \int \frac{\sqrt{x+\sqrt{x^2+1}}}{\sqrt{x^{2}+1}} \ dx 4) \displaystyle \int \frac{dx}{\sqrt{x+x\sqrt{x}}}...
  7. S

    Q[ ] Problems, Lots of good examples! (Need some help!)

    Hello all, Okay, so I finally reached this long section in my book about all of these Q[ ]'s. After reading through this section, a couple of the examples have me miffed. 1. If alpha = a + b*Sqrt(d) (which exists in) Q[Sqrt(d)], an expression for a/a_bar in terms of a,b, and d can be found...
  8. E

    Lots of questions

    Help!!!! Let fn+1 = 2fn – fn-1. Where f0 = 2 and f1 = 1. I need to compute each of the following: f2, f3, f4, f5 f2 = f3 = f4 = f5 =
  9. F

    Lots of confusion on factoring this...

    The function f is given by the first formula when x < -2 and by the second formula when -2 is less than or equal to x. I can't figure out what value I have to put in for a to make the function continuous at -2?
  10. J

    Lots of Pre-Calculus review problems (HELP!)

    Hey so school's starting against soon and obviously I've procrastinated on my summer work. If any of you would be so kind as to maybe choose a problem and help me with it I would be greatly appreciative. Of course, I want to actually understand the problems, so I don't want just answers...
  11. B

    Need lots of help! :D

    i need some help with my math homework. i don't know what to do (Worried)(Doh) heres question #1: i made a picture of it including the measurements from the sheet: here's question #2: Staff and students at a school have been complaining about the location of the water fountains. You must...
  12. C

    Need lots of help for test

    Hi guys, Been a while since I've been here, but that class I needed help for last time I failed.. and am failing again. I just can't get this stuff. :( I had to reschedule my test because I simply am not ready. This is what we need to know: It's on functions: 1) Given two functions...
  13. D

    lots of programs for a ti-83, ti-83 plus and ti-84

    hey my first program im going to post here is caled A couse i did not know what to name it its a program when the user plays it it will give them the whrong ancers fun to prank friends(Nod). name it what ever it goes like this :ClrHome :While 1 :Input "",A :Disp A (multiply by)3...
  14. C

    Lots Of Help Please!! Asap!

    hi i need help with these asap please... 1. If , then is continuous at Choice 0 everywhere 2. The equation implicitly defines as a function of . Find . 3. is discontinuous at ____ because _________________ (More than one selection may be correct. Keep in mind that...
  15. R

    "Simple" Equation - Lots of problems!

    4.35612454329 + X/1.00171376961 = X Sorry guys, just can't figure this one out, any help would be deeply appreciated.
  16. cassiopeia1289

    lots of math problems, and fast????

    ok, I've got a couple and instead of splitting them into seperate threads, I thought I would post it all here, ok: 1: (simplify with only positive exponents) sqrt(4x-16) / 4thsqrt (x-4)^3 and I can only make it 2(square root of (x-4))times(4th square root of (x-4) / x-4 is that right? 2...
  17. amanda1410

    Having Lots Of Calculus III Problems

    My brain has gone dead, got a few days to do the following questions: would appreciate any help with any of the above question and methods thank you
  18. C

    I need lots of help, please!

    I've never been good in math, but I have to do good on these problems for my class; I've tried solving them myself and am giving myself a headache just trying to figure out what formulas to use. I could really use some help!! 1. Determine whether the following argument is correct. If it's...
  19. K

    lower bound of proportion, need lots of help with this one

    For a sample of n=60, proportion p=0.5, and at a 95% confidence level, the lower bound of the proportion is ____. 95%, A=0.475 P=0.35 N=60 C=0.95, A=0475 which corresponds to z=1.65 SE= squr(0.35)(0.70)/60=0.0690 E=(1.65)(0.0690)=0.11385 or 0.121 0.121 is my answer but I'm not sure...
  20. K

    need lots of trig help

    what is the period of the graph y=2sin3A 90degrees 120 180 360 what is the period of the function y=sin x/4?