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    Find the F inverse of 6 for a combined function - Algebraically

    Hello, I am stuck with this problem. I can see that the answer is "1" in the graphing calculator but not able to find it algebraically. Find F-1(6) for F(x)= ex-1+ 2lnx + 5x Any help will be appreciated.
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    Derivative of ln(-x)

    Can someone please explain to me why the derivative of ln(-x) is 1/x? Thanks!
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    Just Want To Understand Why a Property of Logs works.

    Hello, So in my textbook, it stated that blogbm=m as though it were a fact. I have no clue why this works, so if someone could explain the reasoning behind this to me, I would appreciate it greatly (Rofl) thanks so much!
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    exponential to logarithm

    Hi; I need to convert f(x) = 2(3/4)^((x+3)/2) - 8 to logarithmic form. y + 8 = 2(3/4)^((x+3/2) y/2 + 4 = (3/4)^((x+3)/2) log(y/2 + 4) = ((x+3)/2)log(3/4) not sure where to go from here or is it all wrong? Thanks.
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    Logarithm question

    My question states \frac{{\log_{3} 36} {-2\log_{111} 111} {-112\log_{112} 1}}{{\log_3 2} + {\log_3 8}} So its asking me to evaluate without using the calculator, My steps were first off the numerators 2ns and 3rd terms became -2(1) and -112(0) leaving me with a single log on the top and the...
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    Logarithm: dB(A- C- Z-) help needed.

    Hi there, Having trouble finding a suitable formula(s) for the following problems: The sound source has the following measurements, length: 1,5m - width: 1m and height: 1m. The following linear (Z-curved) sound levels have been measured from the source at 10m distance 1/1- octave frequency...
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    The question in a model paper says- If log root 35=p, log root 32=q, then find log root 3300. Tried in many ways. But cant solve it. Please help.
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    Expanding Logarithmic Expressions. Not Understanding This One.

    I was working through a logarithm packet for practice and I got this one: log3(9x3)1/5 ,where 9x3 to the 1/5 is 9x3 root 5 (I think 1/5 is equal to radical 5, correct me if I'm wrong (Itwasntme)). After expanding, I got 1/5(2log3(3)+3log3(x)) However, the...
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    1.2(2.4)2x = 6(4.6)x I need to solve for x and I think the first step I've been taking in this problem might be what I'm doing wrong. I started by dividing 4.6x out ... can 2.42x be divided by 4.6x for (2.4/4.6)x? After that I divided 1.2 on both sides for (2.4/4.6)x = (6/1.2), took the ln of...
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    Inverses of Functions containing the natural logarithm

    How would one approach taking the inverse of the function g(x)=x+3ln(x-2)? Can it be simplified to a rational function? Two attempts I've made: 1. Simplified to e^x=y+3(y-2) 2. Simplified to inverse y= cube root(e^(x+y)) +2
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    Logarithm Rule in integral problem (Product)

    Is this how you would implement the logarithm rule for product? If it is then the answer would be 0, which I highly doubt since the original problem is taking the volume of a shaded region revolved about the x axis.
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    I am practicing for an exam with my study guide, and I came to a question I am not quite sure about. I feel like the answer is C. the 1% increase in fam. size would make food expend. increase .224% Am I correct?
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    inequality involving logarithm

    log base 2(x+4)>log base 2(x^2-2) 1) i log both side become x+4>(x^2-2) 2) i bring RHS to the LHS, getting x^2-x-6<0 3)then i factorise and i get (x-3)x+2)<0 4)then i get the answer -2<x<3 but the answer is totally different from what my teacher gave me my teacher answer is ✓2<x<3. why?
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    Integral of logarithm powers

    Hi I am trying to get an expression for this integral: \int_{x=0}^{+\infty}\int_{y=0}^{+\infty} e^{-x-y} (\log(1+ax+by))^c dxdy where a and b are positive reals and c a positive integer. Mathematica returns an expression for c=1 using the exponential integral function (Ei), but I could...
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    logarithm properties help

    I need help answering these questions (A,B,C), the numbers mean that so far that is what i have found and some i have no idea. please help me understand a little more or explain to me what this means.. Thank you in advance. A.) Which of the logarithm properties may be needed when solving...
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    Logarithm Bases Portfolio

    let log(subscript)aX=c and log(subscript)bX=d find the general statement that expresses log(subscript)abX in terms of c and d test the validity of your general statement using other values of a, b, and x discuss the scope and/or limitations of a, b, and x explain how you arrived...
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    need help with a solving a logarithm problem

    I am asked to solve this equation: (1/2)*logx=4 The answer given is : 100,000,000 however I answered 100 This was my technique: log x = (4)1/2 log x = 2 x = 102 Can someone help me ?(Speechless)
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    Algebra 2 Logarithm challenge problem!

    privét! I am new to this forum! Well just a challenge for me, as much as I would like to be unfortunately I am not very algebra oriented! My dad said to use [log(base a)b]*[log(base b)x]=log(base a)x but I'm sure we never learned that in class and I want to know how to do this on my own! All...
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    Simplifying Logarithm Expression

    I did the problem but I don't know if my answer is correct simplify: ln4+ln(2)^{-x}+ln(13)-ln(52)+ln(e^{2ln(\frac{1}{e^x})}) my work: ln\frac{4*13}{52} - xln2 + ln(e^{-2xln(e)}) ln(\frac{52}{52})-xln2-2xlne ln1-xln2-2x -xln2-2x -x(ln2+2) my answer: -x(ln2+2)
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    exponential and logarithm equations

    Hello 1. Thank you (Happy)