1. S

    Ensuring test assumptions are met in a GLMM or GEE when using non-gaussian families

    Hi all, I've been trying to test some of my data using either a GLMM or a GEE in R. When using a gaussian family with an identity link function, I can easily assess that the assumptions of normality and homoscedasticity are met by using a qqplot and Shapiro-Wilks test on the residuals for the...
  2. A

    Link to the question

    What is the answer to this equation, And how did you solve it.? - Yahoo!7 Answers
  3. I

    Help on my review: Link provided

    Can somebody tell me how to do or at least give me the correct answers to a few problems here: #1 on page 6 #3 on page 8 #9 on page 4 #6 on page 2 Its the review for my precalc final and I need to understand those four... I really am just...
  4. H

    Solve equation (link provided) I've tried to solve it, but here's my answer, not sure if it's right. . .[-infinite,1) U (4, infinite )..
  5. T

    invertible to positive absolute link

    why if a matrices is not invertible then its not absolute positive ?
  6. N

    canonical parameter and canonical link function

    Given the exponential distribution: f(x)= \theta^{-1}e^{-x/\theta. Converts it into exponential family form: exp[\frac{(1/\theta)x-log(1/\theta)}{-1}] Isn't the canonical parameter and link function the same? Which is \frac{1}{\theta} Are there any differences between canonical...
  7. P

    Chain link strength knowing the failure strength of several chains

    I ran some materials tests earlier today, and this is the most basic way to describe my problem: I have n chains, each with x links on them. If I test each of the n chains to failure. Only the failure strength is recorded. How can I predict the mean failure strength of each chain link...
  8. wideEyedPupil

    Dead Link in FAQ to a Latex thread

    I found my way to this forum eventually but in the FAQ question regarding how to write mathXL or whatever Latex is using, there is a dead link to a thread supposedly explaining what Latex is and how to use it. I guess it should link to the first sticky post here or this Forum in general. Bit...
  9. I

    link between stationary processes and dynamical systems

    hi to everybody, Could someone explain me what is the exact difference between a stationary process in probability and a process arising from a dynamical system, say an observable computed along a discrete orbit? Suppose the existence of an invariant measure for the dynamical system built...
  10. Mukilab

    LaTex comes up as link

    No longer as the usual Latex form I see, just comes up as a link as if if I click on it, it will lead me to some sight.
  11. D

    A link to a collection of tutorials and videos on MATLAB.

    A link to a collection of tutorials and videos on MATLAB. videos: *DataminingTools - Videos tutorials:*DataminingTools - Tutorials
  12. N

    Explain the link

    Can anyone elaborate more about this: \sum_{i=1}^n Var(Y_i-\hat{Y}_i)+[E(Y_i-\hat{Y}_i)]^2= \sum_{i=1}^nVar[(Y_i-\overline{Y}-b_1(X_i-\overline{X}))^2][/tex] How is the 2nd term combine into the variance? To be more specified: This is the intermediate step in proving E(MSE)=\sigma in...
  13. A

    Ring of Polynomials - and their evaluation - What is the link?

    Before I ask my question some standard definitions (or rather my understanding of these definitions): Let F[x] be a ring of polynomials over a field F. i.e. F[x] is a set of symbols of the form a_0x^0 + a_1x^1 + a_2x^2 + ... + a_nx^n where a_i \in F and x is just a symbol with no meaning...
  14. C

    Vector problem (just look at the link and skip my explanation)

    Vector question: Find an example disproving that II(any real #)XII (as in the length of any vector X where length and height are multiplied by any real number) is equal to (any real #)IIXII (as in any real number multiplied by the overal length of the vector X). For example the vector <3,4> has...
  15. M

    www link in a pdf with latex?

    As stated in the topic, I want to make a www link in my pdf document. Is this possible?
  16. T

    An excellent website,link.

    For all of those in love with geometry