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    Linear/Angular Speed

    The circular blade of a saw has a diameter of 7.5 inches and rotates 2400 revolutions per minute a). Find the angular speed in radians per second b). Find the linear speed of the saw teeth (in feet per second) as they contact the wood being cut a). So angular speed= Theta/time (then I solved...
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    [SOLVED] linear/angular speed (another question)

    "suppose that a belt drives two wheels of radii R (bigger wheel) and r" there is a figure and it's like a big wheel and a small wheel with a belt around they have the same linear speed i think... R=8 ft r=3 ft a) the angular speed of the larger wheel in radians/minute - i...
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    [SOLVED] linear/angular speed?

    If a rocket car with 20 inch radius tires brakes the sound barrier (a speed in excess of 760 miles/hour), what is the angular speed of the wheels in revolutions/second? ok i am totally lost.....all i know is one revolution would probably be 40pi inches because that the circumfrence of the...
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    i need help w/ linear/angular speed

    An object is traveling around a circle with a radius of 10 cm. If in 20s a central angle of 1/3 radians is swept out, what is the linear speed of the object?