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    was limited for political reasons
  2. Z

    Quite Limited Here's A Study

    We're talking about highly motivated highly entrepreneurial physicians are working in small organizations so that peace the presentation hypothesis seems to make sent on the second piece the presentation about this is there any evidence that fragmentation care delivery actually leads to I'll...
  3. F

    Worst error for a rational with limited numerator and denominator values

    Hi, I have written a function in C that generates a rational which is the best approximation to an input real value. For this I used continued fraction convergents and semi-convergents. Both the numerator and denominator have maximum values. I also have a test harness that increments a real...
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    How to find the inverse tangent since the calculator is limited

    This is probably a basic concept that I just never really I'm in Calc III and it's biting me in the butt. I need to find theta = arctan(-1/2) I typed it into my calculator to receive the answer -.464 radians But calculators are limited when it comes to solving trig, and as I...
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    Computer game fan with limited mathematics skills.

    Hello, I'm sitting at home in my summer holidays getting a little too obsessed with the PC game Football Manager. In it, each football player is assigned 36 attributes (e.g. pace, passing, determination) with each attribute being valued out of 20. I am looking to create a formula, using...
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    find r given limited descriptive stats

    this was a bonus problem on a recent test and it's bugging me to death because I can't figure out the answer given: Σy = 242 Σy² = 43911 Σ(y - y')² = 4188 N = 70 r = ?
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    Finding range with limited domain

    I am given the function y=2 times x^2 + 4 The domain is -3< x <5 I am to find the range. My book (Sparknotes Math lvl 2 review book) says, "The best way to solve this type of problem is to manipulate the domain of x ine xactly the same way that x is manipulated in the function. First x is...
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    Calculating an area limited by three functions

    "An area is limited by the curve y1=(2/(x-1))-1, the curve y2=e^(-3x) and the line x=2. Mark up the area in a coordinate system and calculate the area." I'm pretty sure I should do some type of integration, but I'm having trouble finding a good way to start... (Wondering)
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    Subtracting Vectors - Limited Information

    I have no idea how to solve the following problem because there does not seem to be enough information. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Here is the problem. ************************************ Suppose vector b has magnitude 8 m/s and direction S24degreesW, the direction of...
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    Smaller tetrahedron possible limited by a plane

    I need help with this: Find the equation of a plane that contains the point (1, 2, 1) and intersects the coordinate axes forming the smaller (least volume) tetrahedron possible. I really have no idea how to proceed.
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    Finding the area of a circle segment with very limited information.

    I am trying to help my grandfather who is a making a model sail boat. The sails are isosceles triangles with a curve along the largest edge. He needs the area in square inches of the sails. I have found the area of the triangles themselves, but i cant seem to come up with a method of getting the...
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    Determining r2 if a frustum with limited information

    Hi All, I've run into a problem with calculating the volume of a frustum and was hoping for some assistance. I have the following information: - The slopes are exactly 45°. - The base must fit on an area exactly 50 meters on a side. - The height is 10 meters. R1 and H are easy enough...
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    Polar equations, limited information given

    Hi, for polar equations, you usually need r and theta, in this case, I am only given one bit of information, how do I do it? 1) Convert these polar equations to Cartesian: a] r = 4 b] r = 2cos\theta 2) Convert from Cartesian to polar: a] x^2 + (y - 1)^2 = 1 b] y = x + 1 Thanks for any help :)
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    Area limited by two function curves...

    The problem is: What is the area (in the first quadrant) limited by the two function curves: y=1/x and y=3/(2+x²). I have divided the integral in three parts and i get something like in the answer but there are a few wrong signs and i have some extra parts that just aren't there in the...
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    Matlab diffusion limited aggregation

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Hello, I have this project due for next Friday. I need help. Its on diffusion limited aggregation. A topic which is unfamiliar to me. I know exactly how to do the problem, but I don't know how to code it correctly. Basically I allow...
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    help derive exponential function from limited information

    Hello, nice to meet you all, I've been working on a spreadsheet that requires me to create a function to determine a value from a exponential curve where the area of the curve is variable . The terminal points, 0,0 and 100,100 remain constant and the curve is symmetrical at the 45degree angle...
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    Limited Sequence?

    Hello again. How do you check if a sequence is limited. Sequence, not series! :P Thanks in advance.
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    how can you calculate this probability with limited information?

    Suppose that the probability of suffering from side effects of the H1N1 vaccination is 0.001. If 1000 people are vaccinated, how do you find the probability that 1. at most one person suffers from side effects? 2. 1, 2, or 3 persons suffer?
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    area limited by the curve

    Hello I need to find the plane area limited by the curve and the horizontal tangent line... y = - 6x^2 + 5x^4 Thanks!