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    Leap year

    They say in 100 years there are 24 leap years, if every fourth year is a leap year, should not it be 25?
  2. N

    Making a leap from algebra 1 to precalc

    serious answers please! what do i need to know about geometry and algebra 2 to understand the concept of precalculus? i only got to algebra 1 in highschool due to laziness, but i took my college placement test and got into precalc. i've developed a habit of studying on a daily basis and i've...
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    Birthday Coincidence Probability (w/ leap years)

    What is the probability of k people having a coincidence of birthdays, taking leap-years into account? Hint: Consider all the days in a 4-year period, in which the leap-day 2/29 occurs once. Help tonight/before tomorrow afternoon would be lovely. Thanks!!