1. P

    Physics launch of cannon ball to tower

    You are serving as a consultant for the newest James Bond film. In one scene, Bond must fire a projectile from a cannon and hit the enemy headquarters located on the top of a cliff 73 m above and 330 m from the cannon. The cannon will shoot the projectile at an angle of 34° above the horizontal...
  2. pilotguy

    Space Shuttle Launch Problem

    Okay, I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, and after trying seemingly everything, I'm still lost. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! The trajectory of the Space Shuttle during the first 5 minutes of the launch of STS-30 can be represented by an equation for its altitude...
  3. B

    physics launch angle

    cant figure this out A ball is to be shot from level ground toward a wall at distance x (Figure 4-46a). Figure 4-46b shows the y component vy of the ball's velocity just as it would reach the wall, as a function of that distance x. What is the launch angle?
  4. I

    rocket launch

    When watching a rocket launch, Nema is 0.8Km closer to the launching pad than Joel is. When the rocket disappears from view, its angle of elevation for Nema is 36.5* and for Joel is 31.9*. How high is the rocket at this point? thank you in advance for any help with a diagram will be more...
  5. S

    projectile launch velocities, given a position

    struggling with this problem: using very simple projectile rules (no air resistance ect) and only gravity acting on the object, is it possible to: with a known: gravity, launch magnatude and coodinates which the partical passes through, to work out the launch angle (or x,y components?) using...