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    Latitude and Radius of the Earth

    If the radius of the earth is 4000 mi, (a) How far is Fort Worth, Texas (latitude 33 N), from the equator? (b) How far is Fort Worth from the North Pole? (c) Fort Worth is due south of Winnipeg, Manitoba (latitude 50 N). What is the distance between them? (d) Find the linear speed, due to...
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    Using longitude and latitude, find a point's "vertical latitude" degrees

    Latitude can be defined as forming horizontal parallel planes, whereas longitude forms vertical planes that intersect. I'm interested in finding the vertical parallel planes that are perpendicular to the latitudinal planes. Given a point's longitude and latitude in decimal form, I want to be...
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    Geometry question involving spherical coordinates and longitude and latitude.

    Hi, I'm almost completely stuck on this question: I realize that p must be equal to the earth's radius if the point is on the surface of the sphere. My strategy, for now, is to first find the values for theta and psi for both Melbourne and London. From there I was...
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    XYZ Coordinate on Sphere. Known Info: Radius, latitude, longitude

    Title says it all. I need to find the x,y,z coordinate on the surface of a sphere where the origin is 0,0,0 at the center of the sphere. The known information is the radius, latitude, and longitude. I'm not sure where to start with this.
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    Calculating new Lat/Long from current point, distance & bearing

    I have been hitting myself over the head for a couple hours now. I am trying to calculate the new latitude & longitude (position) when all I have is old latitude & longitude, distance traveled and direction. The formula I found online is: 'lat2 = asin(sin(lat1)*cos(d/R) +...
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    Converting Matrix3D rotations to Latitude Longitude

    I am using matrix rotations to rotate a world sphere in front of a static camera. I want to know the latitude and longitude of the point directly beneath the camera. I'm appending rotation on the Z axis to 'turn' left and right and appending rotations on the X axis to move forward/backward...
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    [SOLVED] Finding Latitude

    Charleston, South Carolina and Toronto, Canada are 1100 km apart and lie on the same north-south line. The latitude of Charleston is 33° N. What is the latitude of Toronto?
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    [SOLVED] latitude

    How would i show the following: Show that about 4% of the Earth's surface lies north of the Arctic circle (at latitude +66.5 degrees).
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    Find latitude

    Madison and Dallas are 1200km apart and lie on the same north-south line. The lat of Dallas is 33 degrees north. What is the lat of of Madison. Can some one solve the problem. I really am not sure how too.
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    latitude and longitude question

    I'm asked to: Explain with the aid of diagrams, how to find the distance, in km, between 2 locations of the same longitude if: a) both locations are above the equator. b) one location is above the equator and the other is below. any of you guys familiar with latitude and longitude?
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    The Earth Question (Latitude)

    The circumference of a circle of latitude is two thirds of the circumference of the equator. What is the latitude? A diagram would be nice :D
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    Latitude Longitude Distance Alteration

    I have been using the "Greater Circle Distance Formula" to determine the distance between to points of latitude/longitude (in miles). R = 3963.0 * arccos[sin(lat1/57.2958) * sin(lat2/57.2958) + cos(lat1/57.2958) * cos(lat2/57.2958) * cos(lon2/57.2958 -lon1/57.2958)] I now need to calculate...