1. CaptainBlack

    LaTeX in Blogger

    For some time my preferred blogging site has been WordPress because it supports LaTeX, well now there is an effective means of including LaTeX on Blogger (or any site that allows HTML and JavaScript). The trick is to include some java-script to call the LaTeX system provided by MathJax...
  2. TriKri

    Latex broken?

    Is LaTeX currently not working as it should? I can't even get a simple code as G to compile.
  3. C

    how do you start with LaTeX?

    I have no idea how to use latex here. Do I download it from somewhere? I found a latex symbols pdf, but it doesn't really help. I can't find an actual program to download. Please help! Thanks.
  4. S

    LaTex implementation on MHF?

    Have there been any tutorials or tool lists to demonstrate how LaTex was implemented on this site? I'd like to try a similar thing.
  5. A

    two sideways latex tables on one page, next to each other

    Hi all, I'm a beginner Latex user. I managed to get my results into 2 tables, footnote size font, in sideways format (landscape) on 1 table a page. I'd like to have them on the landscape page layout both of them together (table one, under it table 2). This is the code for one of the tables...
  6. T

    how to write with latex of the forum

    i saw once a buttons here on bottom which were latex bottons and they dissapear where are they now the latex option of the forum is better then my software how to find it here so i press on th boton and the symbol apears on my post?
  7. G

    Why are those Latex quick commands on longer available?

    there used to be quick buttons. where are they?
  8. M

    Software to write LaTeX code easily ?

    Hi ! I'm French, so my English is far from the perfection, then i would thank you to forgive my syntax and my words (Lipssealed) :) So, I'm new on this forum, and I wanted to know if it existed a software, or better a freeware, which would have permitted to add some "blocs" of LaTeX code...
  9. L

    Where did the latex functions go?

    When posting a message, I no longer see the paragraph of latex helper buttons under the edit box. What happened?
  10. T

    drawing latex formula

    is there a website or a free solt to help me with it?
  11. M

    test, this is only a test of the latex system

    Hi, I am just trying to learn how to use latex! \sqrt{4}=2 \int {x}^{3 }dx \int {x}^{3}dx After looking at the preview this doesn't look correct. Can someone please help me out?
  12. mr fantastic

    Use [tex] and [/tex] tags NOT [math] and [/math] tags for latex.

    Read the post title. This is due to some technical issues recently experienced by MHF.
  13. bigwave

    latex and log

    I can't seem to compile \log_{b+c}{a} + \log_{c-b}{a} = 2\left(\log_{b+c}\right)\left({A}\log_{c-b}{a}\right) especially the bases like b+c also don't see \log{ }{ } in the quick-menu
  14. S


  15. MathGuru

    Working on Latex issues

    I am working on restoring LaTex.
  16. S

    laplace commands in latex

    i wanted to know what the command is for laplace inverse? how do i make the symbol? thanks
  17. S

    Latex !

    Can't wait for LaTex to be restored. I won't ask the reason for the delay. Here is some totally useless information . . . Some commands still work: 12x^3. . . . . 12x^3 {5\choose3} . {5\choose3} \log x . . . . . \log x \ln x. . . . . . . \ln x e^x . . . . . . . . e^x...
  18. J

    Not able to write in LaTex today

    I write in LaTex frequently,so I don't understand what is going wrong. I'm getting compile errors. The first line works, the second errors out. Can anybody see what is going on? (note: I'm inserting a 0 in the math command so that it doesn't compile in this post) [m0ath]y=2x^2-8x[/tex]...
  19. L

    A problem with LateX array

    Hi there, I'm attempting to create a few arrays in a couple of different documents and I keep getting an error. Here is two of them, the first being a fairly simple two row array and the second being a more complex array with 6 rows and varying inputs. $$ \left.\begin{array}{ccccc} { }&...
  20. P

    Long curly brackets in Latex?

    I'd like to be able to write long curly brackets around a set of comma separated vectors that form a basis, in LaTeX. I know how to create a vector in LaTeX, as such: { \begin{bmatrix} 1\\ 1 \end{bmatrix},\begin{bmatrix} 1\\ 1 \end{bmatrix} } But how can I make the curly brackets larger, such...