1. integral

    What program can you use LaTeX in?

    What programs do you use to write mathematical papers in LaTeX? I can't seem to find anything useful.
  2. G

    Howto: simple means of entering math expressions without Latex

    I feel Latex would be too ambitious for me, who wants to spend most of my time learning trig identities and honing my algebra skills, rather than go on another learning curve to integrate a formal computer language like Latex (even the framing of that last clause will indicate how totally unused...
  3. T

    How do you use LaTex [ math]sqrt{x}[\math]

    Why does [tex]sqrt{x}[\math] come out as [tex] not the formula? I have been struggling for hours . even typing in the tutorial example: [tex]x^2\sqrt{x}[\math] although the first expression was typed in as [ math ] (with out the spaces )
  4. R

    Least Squares Parabola

    Hi all I have been trying to find the values of the coefficients for the least squares parabola: y = a + bx + cx^2 I have taken partial derivatives wrt a, b, c and now have three equations, but I don't know what to do next...any suggestions? Have you solved this before? thank you very much...
  5. K

    Latex & Mathbot

    I am composing my latex in mathbot and copying the code into mathhelpforum. I insert before everything and after everything, but when I send it to myself (because I'm still working it out) all I get is the code. Any ideas why it's going awry?
  6. K


    I'm new to both this forum and to latex. How do I get my latex into a thread? I am writing in mathbot, but when I copy and paste, it's huge. Is there a way to type the code inside a thread so that I don't have to bother with resizing and copying and pasting? Thanks.
  7. T

    latex help, why does this formula not work?

    \sum_{i=1}^n i^2 = \frac{1}{6}n(n+1)(2n+1) edit , it works now,
  8. T

    LaTeX Settings in Baby Rudin?

    Does anyone know how to get the same (or similar) formatting as Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis using the geometry class?
  9. vernal

    diagram in latex

    Hi. please see an image: i wrote: \begin{tikzpicture}[auto,>=stealth'] \node (N) {$\llap{$e:{}$}N$}; \node[right=of N] (L) {$L$}; \node[right=of L] (Q) {$Q$}; \node[below=of N] (N1) {$\llap{$e_2:{}$}N \oplus N_2$}; \node[below=of L] (L2) {$(N_2,\varphi _{2}\pi)\oplus L$}; \node[below=of Q]...
  10. Bernhard

    Matrices in Latex

    In the advanced algebra post I recently tried to use latex to express mathis using 3 x 3 matrices and had problems Here was my attempt to write the 3 x 3 identity matrix - I put the following code in between and \left(\begin{array}{ccc}1&0&0\\0&1&0\\0&0&1\end{array}\right) Can someone...
  11. E

    A latex string for the modern symbol that stands for 'normal in' (H normal in G).

    Hi: Do you know where I could learn what the string is?
  12. alexmahone

    Using LaTeX with MS Word / OneNote

    How can I use LaTeX with Microsoft Word or OneNote?
  13. D

    Drawing in latex

    I am trying to construct a map. X - - - -> Y where there is a f above the dotted line. Then a solid line down from the X to a Z with a h to the left center of the solid line, and then a diagonal solid line from Y to Z with a g in the center to the right of the solid line. How can I set...
  14. Bernhard

    Keeping latex elements in alignment with non-latex elements

    I have noticed that in posting to the MHF in Linear and Abstract Algebra the latex text ends up higher or lower than the non-latex text and thus looks poorly aligned and is not as clear as it might be For example sr^3 comes out as sr^3 Can anyone give me a way to avoid such mis-alignment Peter
  15. M

    Orthogonal Complements of a Subspace of Polynomials (LaTex notation)

    Let V be R_{2}[x] , and let S be the subspace of all polynomials p(x) satisfying \\ \frac{\2d^2\p}{dx^2} = p(2) Find the orthogonal complement of S with respect to the inner product <p,q> = p(-1)q(-1) +p(0)q(0) + p(1)q(1) And find the polynomial in S which is closest to 1 + x _...
  16. J

    Equations in Latex

    Can someone convert these equations into LateX for me? Thanks Q = (SNML)R(SNML)^-1 = SNMLRL^-1M^-1N^-1S^-1 Q = (SPNML)R(SPNML)^-1 = SPNMLRL^-1M^-1N^-1P^-1S^-1 A = SPNP^-1MLRL^-1M^-1PN^-1P^-1S^-1 B = SP^2NP^-2MLRL^-1M^-1P^2N^-1P^-2S^-1 C = SP^3NP^-3MLRL^-1M^-1P^3N^-1P^-3S^-1 D =...
  17. D

    Latex help

    I have read through the information on here but can't find a part that allows me to practice latex, could somebody please advise me Thanks David(Happy)
  18. M

    Help getting started with latex

    Hi everyone. I've been doing a lot of math this semester, and I am coming to realize more and more that I need latex. I've grown used to using ms word's equation editing feature to the point that I know most of the escape sequences, but I need to move to latex for several reasons. To name a...
  19. Bernhard

    Recommendation on a Latex Editor for maths documents

    I wish to prepare solutions to Dummit and Foote's algebra problems in Word and Pdf documents. Can anyone suggest a good Latex Editor for this task? [I have a 64-bit PC system running Windows 7] Peter
  20. R

    Where Can You Download LaTex Software?

    Where can you download the software that allows you to write documents (such as the following: in LaTex? When I click on "proTeXt" on the page Obtaining LaTeX, I get directed to proTeXt - a TeX distribution for Windows, and when I click...