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    Prove that large number is a multiple of 7 using modular arithmetic

    How can you show that 3^54321 - 6 is a multiple of 7? I know you would use modular arithmetic (and maybe the Euclidean algorithm?), but I don't know how to go about doing that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    positive indication that a large

    Cardinals vs Lions Live Streaming
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    Finding a large term in an arithmetic sequence

    A problem asks to find the 204th term of an arithmetic sequence with fourth term 8 and sixth term 36. The answer given is: 808 However, I'm not clear how that is determined. I though the equation to determine a term was an = a1 + (n-1)*d
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    Suppose that many large samples were taken from population A, which is normally...

    Suppose that many large samples were taken from population A, which is normally distributed, and population c, which is not normally distributed. The means of samples of which of the following populations would approximate a normal distribution? I think the answer is A. Population A I just...
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    Which of the following sample sizes for a large number of sample taken from...

    Which of the following sample sizes for a large number of sample taken from a population will result in the sample means most closely approximating a normal distribution? A. 12 B. 22 C. 32 D. 2 I think the answer is 32 because I think the n≥30 Rule applies to this. Please confirm yes or no if...
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    simple function to decrease small numbers and increase large numbers

    Hello, Say I have a set of real numbers in a range such as 0 to 1. I am looking for a function that will decrease the value of numbers toward the lower end, increase the value of numbers near the upper end, and leave values in the middle more or less unchanged. The method would need to work on...
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    LaTeX code in MS Word: Toggle TeX option doesn’t work on large equations

    MathType is a good piece of software as it allows to integrate LaTeX code into MS Word documents, but recently I encountered a problem using “Toggle TeX” option with large equations in MS Word 2010 (in both .doc and .docx formats). As for example, I can’t “Toggle TeX” equation of this size...
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    Small and Large sets

    I have read a category is small (and large otherwise) if its morphisms can be indexed by the ordinals. Is it correct to say that a set is small if there is an isomorphism from the set to the natural numbers (and is large otherwise)? I have tried reading definitions but they all seem to give...
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    Multiplying large numbers

    I couldn't find an exact forum for this here - but it's very basic so I'd imagine anyone could help with it, and it stems from an algebra question so.... Basically when doing problems without using the calculator I've been finding that I'm having to do large long multiplications that seem like...
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    Simplifing large trigonometric expression with unit circle?!?

    I got stuck again on this problem. -(cos(-9pi/4)-sin(-9pi/4))2-(cos 4pi/3 - sin 4pi/3)2 I used the unit circle to simplify and got this far: Bracket 1: -(sqrt2/2-(-sqrt 2/2))2=(-sqrt 2+sqrt 2/2)2=(2 sqrt 2/2)2= 2 Bracket 2:-(-1/2-sqrt 2/2)2= -(-1-sqrt 2/2)2 After this im not getting any...
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    Comparability and Large Number Theory

    I wish to assess the usual profit made by a company in a country. This is for transfer pricing purposes - I need to know what the 'market rate' profit on sales is, so I can set inter-company transactions at a level which gives my subsidiary company the same 'market rate' return on sales. "How...
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    GCD of two really large numbers

    Let a = 6^M and b = 2^M where M is your student I.D. Number (8 digits long). We were taught to do these questions using the extended euclidean algorithm, and it worked fine for me on previous questions, but these numbers are too large and I can't get the same method to work for it. Is there...
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    Distribution of sample mean as n gets large

    Let Y be a distribution that is very positively skewed. Assume that the distribution meets the central limit criteria. Let us take a sample from the distribution. As the sample gets larger the distribution of the sample mean tends to a normal distribution. I am interested in how this...
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    Large Poisson Distribution

    I need to find the probability of 320 or more flaws in a 10km length of fibre optic cable. There is an average of 1.5 flaws per 50m. I could solve this using: P(X≥320) = 1 - [P(X=0) + P(X=1) + ... + P(X=319)] But this would be extremely long and tedious to do, plus it wouldn't be an...
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    Running time-series regressions on a dataset with large gaps: is it legitimate?

    I would like to run a simple time-series regression, to estimate the sensitivity of my dependent variable to a set of explanatory variables. However, instead of running the regression on the entire time-series, I would like to running it only over specific time periods, all stacked...
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    Scatter Graphs, how to plot data when dealing with large numbers

    Hi all, This may seem a basic question but I am really struggling to work it out (maths and stats really not my strong point!) I'm currently hand drawing a scatter graph for my first Uni assignment and need to plot some data along the Y axis. On my X axis I have used increments of 2 squares (on...
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    How do I find the nth term for a large group of numbers?

    Hello everyone! I've got a bit of a dilemma. I have got a very large group of numbers (10206 numbers), I wanted to know if these numbers have a nth term between them. Is there any program out there, or is there any pen and paper method of working out the nth, or sequence rule of these groups of...
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    chi square help on large data set

    Hi there, I have a problem trying to run a chi square test on how people affect animal behaviour. The analysis is on the activites of animals in the wild. I have 1000 data items and 5 activites the animals were carrying out with the main factors being how many people were nearby. I've seperated...
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    length of large and small axis of the ellipse

    I need to calculate this elipse: $c^2=4x_1^2+3x_2^2-2\sqrt2{x_1x_2}$ 1. c2=1 2. c2=4 I need to calculate direction and the length of large and small axis of the ellipse. (hint: own vector and Eigenvalues) Thanks for your help. :)
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    Law of large numbers, an exercise

    This isn't advanced statistics but I think this subforum is better to post this question in: I have a lab that's supposed to illustrate the law of large numbers (LLN), and we're using Matlab (this is not a Matlab question). First step is to create a "set of data with 300 observations from an...