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    knight on the chess board

    How many steps does a knight need to reach the bottom right square from the opposite top left square on a 101x101 board? I am sure that he needs 67 steps or more because the sum of the coordinates of the starting square is 1+1=2 and the sum of the coordinates of the target square is...
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    knight's restricted walk

    In how many no. of ways can a knight walk from top left square to the bottom right square of an n X n chessboard if only following 2 moves are allowed a) 1 right 2 down b) 1 right 2 up.
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    Need help on POW 12: The Big Knight Switch

    The problem is that you have a 3x3 checkboard and you have 2 black knights on 2 corners and 2 white knights on the other corners. The goal is to switch them around in the least amount of moves. The white knights are at the corners where the black knights were and vice-versa. Help me with this...