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    Work: Newtons to Joules

    Spring's natural length is 26 cm. If 22 N force keeps it stretched to 44 cm, how much work W stretches it from 26-35 cm? I am given the solution to this question but one of the steps is missing? 22=f(x)=kx=k(0.18). (18 cm=.18 cm) So k=1100/9. How did this come up?? I'm guessing I was...
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    Work Force in Joules

    might need help just setting up a diagram, with the angles, i believe i n need that. Then i can use the equation W = (F*cos theta) * s where s is the distance. thanks for any help with this one. heres the problem: A 44 kg box is being pushed a distance of 7.0 m across the floor by...