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    Isometric graph conversion

    Hey there! I am working on a video game and am using a formula to take an X & Y coordinate, and transfer it into an isometric coordinate. isoX = x-y isoY = (x+y)/2 That is my basic formula to calculate my new isometric coordinate. Now, the 2d objects that use this code are invisible, so all...
  2. H

    isometric game area problem

    helloooo. i am totally new here and not strictly from strong maths background so bear with me. im trying to make an isometric videogame, and there comes a point where i need to determine which of the game floor tiles the mouse is hovering over fomr the mouse x,y. the problem is i need to...
  3. A

    isometric definition

    two surfaces are isometric if their first fundamental forms are the same or if the coefficients of the first fundamental forms are the same?
  4. G

    isometric drawing

    Use the isometric grid to create an isometric drawing of a rectangular prism.
  5. P

    3d isometric projection question

    Hello! I want to know why isometric view is obtained by rotating 45 degrees around vertical axis and arctan(sin(45°)) about the horizontal axis? What is the math behind these operations? Isometric projection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thanks in advance.
  6. K


    Show that C[0,1] and C[a,b] are isometric. Solution: A mapping T of X into X' is said to be isometric if for all x, y in X d'(Tx,Ty)=d(x,y) C is continous [0,1] and [a,b] closed interval.. The distance on Function space C[a,b] is d(x,y)=max|x(t)-y(t)| I couldnt procced from here....i...
  7. Showcase_22


    I think I have to take two points in X and show that any mapping from X to \mathbb{E}^n would result in a different distance between them. Here's my attempt: Take a sphere of radius 1 and the points A and D. Since d(A,D)=2, A and D are on opposite sides of the sphere. Suppose there...
  8. M

    Isometric to symmetric group on...

    I have this problem: Let Y = {a, b, c, d} and let X = Sym(Y) (a) Find cyclic subgroups of X of order 4: my answer: (a)(b)(c)(d), (a)(c)(cd), (a)(bc)(d), (a)(bcd). (Correct?) This part I need a little help with: (b) Show that X has subgroup L which is isomorphic to the symetric group on a...
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    Isometric imbedding

    Let X,Y be metric spaces with metrics d1,d2 respectively. let f:X-->Y be a function with the property that for all pair of points x1,x2 of X, d2(f(x1),f(x2))=d1(x1,x2). Show that f is an imbedding.. thnak you in advance
  10. A

    isometric in metric space

    My textbook says that For n>=2, consider the set A_{n-1} = \{ x = (x_{1},....,x_{n}) \in R^{n} : x_{n}=0\} with metric induced by d (usual metric). Then A_{n-1} is a subset of R_{n} and is isometric to R_{n-1} under correspondence (a) (x_{1},...,x_{n-1}, 0) \leftrightarrow...
  11. J

    axonometric projection transformations

    High School and College were so long ago and I can't for the life of me figure this out (plus it doesn't help I was a music major): Given a 3D point in space (x, y, z) and an angle of projection ϴ I want to convert to screen coordinates (x', y'). I can do this successfully going from space to...