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    Isolating Variable in Sinusoidal Function

    Basically I'm trying to solve for d in f(x)=a*sin[k(x-d)]+c. I have the values of all the other variables so a simpler way of solving it is fine too.
  2. W

    isolating variable in ln equation

    Hi, I know the solution, but I am having trouble isolating the variable x in the following equation: ((2*x)-1)*ln(x/(1-x)) = 2.92 The 2.92 result is just one possible solution in a range. I'm really trying to understand the step by step process to solving this so that I can replicate it for...
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    Isolating the dependent Variable

    I am having some trouble converting a standard equation into the y=mx+b form. Here is an example of one 2x-3y+6=0 How would I go about solving this equation and what would the steps be to solve other equations like this. Thanks
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    Help with isolating variables

    Alright so, I have this equation for total body volume. I don't think the meaning of the variable is important though, I'd just like some help in figuring out how they arrived at the final equation from their initial one. Initial equation: I/D = (I - y)/a + (y/b) Apparently this can be written...
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    Simplify expression, isolating Q

    Thank you i advance :-)
  6. B

    Isolating a variable

    I have an equation here, t=((arccos(sqrt(x/r))+sqrt((x/r)*(1-(x/r))))/sqrt(2m))*r^(3/2). or if you are a visual person: This equation is used to calculate the amount of time it takes to fall from height r, to height x, depending on what m (Gravitational Parameter, m is substituted for mu) is. I...
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    Isolating a variable in a inequation

    -1<\frac{1}{2+a}<1 Can somebody tell me how to find out the interval for a: ?<a<?
  8. D

    Isolating a variable with a square root

    Having some trouble with this problem. I feel like I'm doing it incorrectly. Can someone show me how to do this step by step? for
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    isolating x when f(x) is a rational function of degree2 / degree1

    ex. y = (x^2 + 3) / (x - 1) cant seem to isolate the x squared. also the eq. can be rewritten as y = (x+1) + (4 / (x-1)) help would be appreciated
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    Isolating x?

    Is it possible to isolate x in the following: f(x) = -4 +2x / 5 + x? If so, how?
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    M = K / ((1 - (V^2/C^2) )^1/2) Isolate V. I just don't get this one
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    isolating and solving for a variable

    This is a basic algebra question set in a physics question. Yes I know I should have learned this a long time ago but I played cards through math class in middle school and it's finally catching up, thank you very much. My question: in my physics book they rearrange an equation from this...
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    Isolating a value

    Hi, maths is a long time ago for me and I need to solve this equation (if its possible). I've read where to post but its been so long I'm still not sure so if this isnt the right area then I apologise. I have a formula where, x = a - b + (((a+b)/2) * e) * f is it possible to rearrange this...
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    Isolating a Variable

    Can anyone isolate a from this equation: (x-a)^2 = x^2 + y^2 thanks. I get as far as a = y^2/a-2x, but don't know where to go fro there.
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    Isolating a variable

    I'm having a bit of trouble isolating "v" in the following equation: d = (v/g) * (v + sqrt(v^2 + 2gh ) ) Thank you in advance for your attention and time.
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    Isolating a Variable

    Hi, I am trying to do this question for a long time now, and i cant figure it out. F(x) = 2x^2-x^3; isolate x using any way you can think of. P.S: Factoring, and log/Ln doesn't work. I thought this couldn't be solved but apparently it can.
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    Isolating sin in an equation

    Solve the equation with 0 ≤ α ≤ 2pi. Give exact answers if possible. sin(2α) + 3 = 4 I need help isolating the sin so that it is by itself. How would I do that? I get stuck at this point: sin(2α) + 3 = 4 sin(2α) = 1 What would I need to do next in order to isolate sin in order to solve this...
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    Isolating a Variable in Multivariable Function

    This is actually for a Calculus question, but the Algebra part is what I'm stumped on. I'm given the equation: x^4 + y^4 + z^4 = 4xyz And I will need to find the partial derivatives of z with respect to x and y. That part I can do. But I haven't been able to isolate z. I feel like this should...
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    how do you move over tan to another side?

    how do you isolate y: x=tany
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    Help Isolating a Variable

    It's been awhile since I was in math, and I'm in a Calculus class right now. I need to find dx/dy of an implied function, and I'm having trouble re-arranging the function to do so. The equation I have is: sin (X^2+y^2) = xy + 1 how do I isolate for y?