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    X^3-9x Graphing. Finding xints/yints, cps, ips

    I have this problem that seems relatively easy but i seem to be messing up somewhere. First i find x-ints/y-ints x^3-9x x(x+3)(x-3) x=0 x=3 x=-3 y=0 Now the troubling part Critical Point: F'(x)=0 3x^2-9=0 I use simple quadratic formula and get x values of 18 and -18 (these values don't seem...
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    branch-and-bound tree for solving IPs

    max z = 4x + 3y 4x + 9y <= 26 8x + 5y <= 17 x >= 0 y >= 0 I know you branch off the x or y with a decimal answer, but this gives LP relaxation: x=0.442 , y=2.692 , z=9.846 and I don't understand which one you're supposed to branch off... Thanks!