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    Value Betting and the Kelly Criterion

    Hi all, Just found this forum online and it seems like a great resource. I just need a little help with a new betting system I am putting together and would really appreciate if anyone could oblige. I am currently designing a system that combines value bets from a number of private, paid and...
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    What is the value of an investment of $ 6,835.69 at 3.88 % interest compounded daily

    What is the value of an investment of $ 6,835.69 at 3.88 % interest compounded daily for 6 years? Express your answer in dollars and cents. Do not use commas or a dollar sign. Please explain. Thank you!
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    Investment question PLEASE help

    you have just won a lucky draw. choose your prize: a) in the form of $100 000 in year 10 & $200 000 in year 20 b) as a lump of $250 000 in year 15 c) cash prize of $100 000 given out today if you're able to earn 7% interest annually, which alternative would you take? (guys, this involves...
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    investment appraisal

    Please assist with this question guys A factory will cost £50 million to replace in thirty years time. The rate of interest is 8% per annum. What is the present value of the replacement cost of the factory (to the nearest £1 million)? £ ________ million
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    Investment Inequality Problem

    Question: Last year, Jenelle took home $200, 000 from MTV after taxes. As any smart person would, she invested her money. One investment gained 12% and the other lost 8%.After one year she broke even on the two investments. How much money did Jenelle invest in each? I looked in my book and it...
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    Cipher | The true worth and rate of return of any investment

    I been analyzing investments over the past 8 years They took it all away from me for their own gains But they didn't realize what I have not made public yet No matter how much money you make from an investment even one where you spent a single dollar and received a billion dollars in a years...
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    Very complex return on investment problem to solve

    In non mathematical terms here is the problem. I have clients who ask me to review their current investment or pension portfolios. The inputs I usually receive are the dates of lump sums invested and the amounts, then the dates of regular monthly sums invested, their respective dates and...
  8. A

    Finding an alternative investment with the same IRR

    Given a set of uneven cash flows, is there a way to find an alternative investment (with different sequence of cash flows) that has the same internal rate of return - IRR Investment A -100 50 40 30 10 Investment B ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ...
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    Percentage and Price

    A bond pays 100 coupons and it measures in 4 years. If investors require 10% return on thin investment, what is the bond price?
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    Investment & Loans: The effect of inflation

    Jordan leaves $5000 in an account paying 4.15% pa compounded annually for 2 years. Inflation runs at 3.5% pa in year 1 and 5.2% pa in year 2. Has the real value of the $5000 increased or decreased? The answer is: decreased by $20.49. Can someone please tell me how i go about answering this...
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    math of investment

    need your help.. please answer this question. (Wondering) finding the outstanding principal 1. Mang tomas a farmer had an obligation to Land bank of the Philippines to be amortized by quarterly payments of P1,670 for 5 years. IF the interest is at 6% compounded quarterly, find: a. Present value...
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    Pls help with my assignment on MATH OF INVESTMENT / SIMPLE DISCOUNT..

    1. A bank discounts a P125k loan due in 5 years at 12% simple discount. Find the equivalent simple interest. 2. What is the simple discount rate equivalent to 18% simple interest for 200days? 3. In availing discount, what interest rate is equivalent to 18% discount rate in 1year and 3...
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    Pls help - math of investment: Simple interest/discount & proceeds

    Your Open Question: 1. Levy availed of a P67k loan at the bank at 17% discount rate for 13months. Find the bank discount of the loan and the proceeds. 2.the WSS is currently charging a 15% discount rate. Find the proceeds on a P17800 note for 60 days. 3. A discount of P300 is charged for...
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    Simple Interest problem

    Please help me figure out this simple interest problem.(Headbang) "Part of a $16,000 inheritance was invested at 13% annual simple interest and the rest was invested at 7% annual simple interest. At the end of one year the interest earned by the two investments was equal. How much was...
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    The Best High Returns Best Investment with all Fun

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    LP Investment Models -- Please help!

    Hi! I am trying to figure out this practice problem to study for my upcoming midterm. I am having a lot of trouble with this question and if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance! ============================== Ms. Dyer wants to develop an investment strategy...
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    return on investment if initial investment not counted

    This is probably SO obvious I'm not seeing it, like all the times I'm looking for my sunglasses and they're on my head. I know how to figure return on investment and IRR if I have a starting amount, and it grows or shrinks. but what about when I make an investment in a heating system. I assume...
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    investment portfolio

    Adam invests his savings of $10000 and $ 5000 in which he borrows from a bank at 5% interest in a broad portfolio of stocks that approximates the market portfolio. The market return is estimated to be 12% per annum. Assume borrowing and lending rates are equal. Calculate her expected return...
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    if an investment of $ 25,000 accumulates to P27,500 in 18 months, find the single interest rate? this is my attempt: 27,000 - 25,000 = 2000 / 18 then the quotient is divided by 25,000. is this possible?
  20. rcs

    investment problem.

    Problem : Mr James received and inheritance $ 8,500,000. A part of this money he invested in a mortgage paying 6% interest. The rest of it he invested in bonds paying 5% interest. The annual income form the 2nd investment was twice as much as from the first. How much was invested in the...