1. TriForce

    Help with intersecting planes and a line

    Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out this problem: Two planes intersect in line A, which then crosses another line B. Find the coordinate for the intersection between lines A and B. Planes: x+y+3z+6=0 2x+y-2z-10=0 Coordinates for line B: (6,0,1) and (-4,4,7) I tried solving it like this, step...
  2. B

    Parameterization of two intersecting functions

    Hi! Was hoping someone could help me with a question of mine.. Let f(x,y) = 3x^2 + 2xy + 3y^2, for all (x,y) in R^2, parameterize the curve that is formed by the intersection of the function f and the plane z = 5x + 3y. The result is supposed to depend on one variable (say t). What messes it up...
  3. Jason76

    Intersecting and Colliding Curves

    The particles don't collide because no value of t satisfies all three sets of parametric equations set equal to each other. Would the next step of seeing which points intersect involve solving the parametric equations for t?
  4. M

    Intersecting Lines

    Consider the two functions: y = x + 5 and y = 2x - 3 The two lines intersect at the point (8, 13). Consider the function y = 3x - 5. It intersects y = x + 5 at the point (5, 10). What constant would you have to add to or subtract from y = 2x - 3 for it to intersect y = x + 5 at the point (5...
  5. K

    Problem involving intersecting graphs and tangency

    Hi, I've been given a problem and I'm pretty stumped. It is: If , the graphs of and intersect for . Find the smallest value of for which the graphs are tangent. Any help is appreciated.
  6. S

    Calculating the intersecting points of a line on two squares

    Hi guys, I've got an interesting math problem that I'm struggling to solve. It's a little complicated to explain, but essentially it is this: Given a point P that is contained by the convex hull of the squares A & B (A & B do not overlap). A line intersects A at point PA, B at point PB, and...
  7. G

    Sanity check on line intersecting plane

    Line l is r=-8i+5j-6k+t(5i-2k) Plane is -x-2y+5z = 0 What is the point of intersection? I get (-56/3, 5, -26/15) but my student's school teacher has a different answer of (-23,5,0) Who is right?
  8. M

    Solve a pair of intersecting lines

    Hi there, Can anyone offer some advice on how one would go about solving this equation? I can't figure it out! (x+2)(y+2)+(x-3)(y+2)=0 Thanks in advance, Josh
  9. NatalieSv94

    Positions of points in intersecting circles (DIFFICULT)

    Hi! here is the task I was talking about in my introductory thread I just posted a few minutes ago. I got this task yesterday and I have no idea how to even start with it. Here is an image of the task. I read it 100 times but I still don't know what to do! (Crying)
  10. NatalieSv94

    Positions of points in intersecting circles (DIFFICULT)

    The thread's moved Hi, I moved this thread since I though I uploaded it at the wrong place. So you can find it here instead: and pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeee! :P...
  11. A

    A Region Lying Between Two Intersecting Graphs

    How does tanx = 1 be pi/4 or 5pi/4?????? I'm confused
  12. B

    Intersecting circles

    Given an arc PQ with curvature 1/9, Three identical circles with radii 3 and centered at B,G,A respectively. The circumference of the circles pass through each other's centers. Find the area of the shaded region.
  13. D

    Find tangent arc between 2 intersecting lines

    Attached is a diagram of a possible route of a Cartesian robot. I need to link path AB and path BC with an arc, to ensure smooth transition into and out of the arc paths AB & BC need to be tangents to the arc. The arc should be between points D & G. Length DB = BG Using the cad software I have...
  14. J

    How to find an equal to plot a 3D arc of 2 intersecting curved surfaces?

    How to find a formula to plot a 3D arc of 2 intersecting curved surfaces flattened? Hello all, I am working on a problem right now where I have 2 surfaces that connect at n degrees. Both surfaces are curved. Let's say that they are both 28in radius and they are intersecting at 90 degrees...
  15. C

    intersecting sets

    Let A = {z|z6 = '3 + i} and B = {z|Im(z) > 0} and C = {z|Re(z) > 0 (where '3 means the square root of 3) .. I found the z6 to be: (using k = 0,1,2,3,4,5 in that order) z1= z1/6(cos pi/6 + isin pi/6) z2= z1/6(cos 2/pi + isin 2/pi) z3= z1/6(cos 5pi/6 + isin 5pi/6) z4= z1/6(cos 7pi/6 + ison...
  16. G

    Symmetry solutions intersecting a sinusoidal function.

    Set f(x) = g(x) and find the principal and symmetry solutions. f(x) = sin (2x − 1), g(x) = 1/4. So I have no trouble finding the principal solution... sin(2x-1)=1/4 2x-1=.2526 2x=1.2526 x=.6263 Now how on earth do I about solving for the symmetry solution without cheating using a graph? I...
  17. E

    A puzzle of 2 intersecting circles

    Dear community, this is my first post on mathhelpforum and I would be really very grateful for some assistance with this problem. I am going quite crazy! It concerns a simple 2D shape which is made of 2 intersecting circles of equal radius r and distance of centres separation 2d. I have...
  18. D

    geometry peoplem 2 right triangles overlap and i need to find the intersecting |

    Here is a picture and all information is included i dont care if someone solves or just tells me how it is done i just need help i started withe the Pythagorean theorem but that didnt help Please help thank you
  19. Jskid

    intersecting relationship with set

    The relation R on Z is defined by (x,y) in R if and only if x-y is even. Write R \cap (\{1,2,3\}x\{1,2,3\}) as a set by listing its elements. The \cap confuses me. Is the question asking which elements of the given set are in R? Then that would be (\{1,1\},\{2,2\},\{3,3\},\{1,3\}).
  20. R

    Non intersecting circles...

    Ok , Suppose you take two circles and they do not intersect: e.g x^2 + y^2 -6x-6y+14=0 x^2 +y^2 +6x+4y+12 =0 If you subtract the two equations you get a line: -12x-10y+2=0 Now, if we chose any point P on this line, then the lengths of the tangents from P to each of the circles are...