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    Proof of intersect between 2 elements of group G

    Hi All How do I prove the following: Suppose that G is a group with elements a and b of orders p and q respectively, where p and q are distinct primes. i) Show that <a> Intersect <b> = {e}, where e is identity element ii)Suppose that for some intergers i and j, a^i = b^j. Show that p|i and...
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    Find where the two graphs intersect.

    Hello. I'm currently having problems on trying to find the intersection point of these two trig graphs: a(t) = -175cos(0.23t) - 75 b(t) = 172sin(0.23t) - 80 0 ≤ t ≤ 30 ----- Well, I assume this would be the first step: -175cos(0.23t) - 75 = 172sin(0.23t) - 80 Now, I am...
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    find the value of k such that the line x-1 = y-2 = z-k and the plane 3 1 5 2x-y-z+10 = 0 intersect only at one pin .
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    Vector: Lines Intersect

    Vectors have to be my weakest points. (Crying) How would I do this question, will I need to find s and t? Help would be appreciated. :) _______________________________________________ Q: Referred to a fixed origin O, the lines l_1 and l_2 have equations \bold r = 3 \bold i + 6 \bold...
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    Find the set for "m" so that the graphs of y=mx and y=x^2+m intersect a single poi

    please help!! find the set for "m" so that the graphs of y=mx and y=(x^2)+m intersect in a single point.
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    Intersect Circle vs Line vs Speed

    Hi I want to calculate the intersect between the line of p1 which moves (rotates) around and origin at a speed of s1 and a line between p1 and p2 or p1 and p3. (p2 and p3 only one at a time). p2 or p3 moves towards p1 at a speed of s2. :rolleyes: hope that makes sence. More just plain...
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    Intersect of sin and cos

    how many times do the graphs of y = sin 2x and y = cos 1/2 x interest on the interval [0,2pi] it looks like to me just once at the origin 0. Is this correct? Please let me know asap. thanks