1. N

    State the formula that is the basis of Neville’s Iterated Interpolation algorithm

    State the formula that is the basis of Neville’s Iterated Interpolation algorithm Is this what they are looking for do you guys think? I do not have the solutions to paper unfortunatly
  2. F

    Scheme of aitken interpolation - octave code

    Hello, Could anyone help me to write Aitken algoritm in actave? There is what I already wrote, but I do not know how to end it, please help me mates :) function w = aitken(n) for i = 0:0 for j = 1:n-1 W(i,j) = ((y(i)*(x(j)-x))-(y(j)*(x(i)-x)))/((x(j)-x(i)); for k = j+1:n...
  3. B

    Tricubic Interpolation - Is it the right tool for my needs?

    I need to create a CAD model of a curving wall in my back yard so that I can add a steel hand rail to it. I have measured 10 XYZ points along the wall, but the CAD spline generated from it is too rough. I'd like to smooth it out by interpolating additional points. I'm not a mathematician, I'm a...
  4. A

    I need help with interpolation

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out one value based on the data given from a table. I am given 85 degrees as the "angle of swing" and a min depth of cut of 5ft and max depth of cut as 16ft. 5/16 * 100 gave me 31.25%. The table I have gives values for 30% of max depth cut and 50% for max depth cut and...
  5. R

    Degree of accuracy (Polynomial interpolation)

    Degree of Lagrange polynomial and error Can you help me? Consider the function f(x)=e^{x-1} on the interval 0\leq x\leq1. For all N=1,2,... we have the uniform partition x_i=ih, i=0,1,...,N, h=1/N. If we want to use Lagrange polynomial to make an approximation of f(x), what should be the...
  6. A

    Approximation function vs Interpolation function

    Hi all, Currently at collage we are using approximation and interpolation functions, but I cannot really understand what is the difference between them. Can someone please explain to me the difference and when to use one instead of the other? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. R

    Splines / Interpolation Question

    Hi, I'm stuck on this question. I'm not sure where to start? Anyone have an idea?
  8. A

    Polynomial interpolation given only Y values

    Consider we evaluate a polynomial P of degree d on some points (say 2d+1 points or more) to obtain Y's. If we have the second distinct polynomial P2 with the same degree as before, and evaluate it on the same points as before to obtain Z's. (1) Given Y's and Z's can we recover the original...
  9. P

    interpolation help

    suppose cos x is to be approximated by an interpolating polynomial of degree n using n+1 equally spaced nodes in interval [0,1].How accurate is the approximation(express in terms of n) here i took h=1/n but i know the formulas for maximum error bound of linear and quadratic interpolation now...
  10. P

    newton interpolation problem

    with w(x)=(x-x(0))(x-x(1))...(x-x(n)) prove that f[x(0),x(1),x(2),..,x(n))]=summation(0,n) (f(x(i))/(derivative(w(x(i)))) and hence calculate the limit for formula f[x(0),x(1),x(2),..,x(n))] when x(2)->x(1) while all other points remain fixed i have done the first part but stuck in the second...
  11. N

    Aitken method for interpolation

    I have written aitken's method for interpolation in octave/matlab. I would like know if it's right. Because i get this result if I call drawint(4). Here is the code, feel free to modify for correcting. function w = aitken(t,x,y) % t is a vector of x axis values of points where...
  12. V

    interpolation and polynomial approximation

    interpolation and polynomial approximation
  13. V

    interpolation and polynomial approximation

    interpolation and polynomial approximation
  14. Vinod

    Interpolation problem

    Show that B (m + 1, n) = (-1)^m \Delta^m \left(\frac 1n \right)where m is a positive integer, n > 0 Some problem solving hint is required from any member of this forum.
  15. T

    Bicubic Interpolation Question

    I am writing a program for bicubic interpolation. I am using Keys' convolution kernel to do it. Originally, I was doing it with a square matrix, and I had it working fine. However, now I need to change it to work with all dimensions of a rectangular matrix. I am having trouble changing it and...
  16. T

    Kernels in Bicubic Interpolation

    I am having a lot of trouble understanding how kernels function in interpolation has a whole. I am specifically trying to understand bicubic interpolation and I cannot figure how the kernel is actually applied to it. If anyone could show me and example with numbers or explain how I actually use...
  17. T

    Bicubic Interpolation Question

    I have been trying to figure out Bicubic Interpolation and I have a few questions about it. From all of my time searching around the internet for explanations about it, it seems as if wikipedia has the best explanation of it. It seems pretty simple on wikipedia, basically all I need to do is...
  18. T


    Any one please help below question..thanks... Given the following three data points: x - 1 0 1 F(x) 1-1-1 Determine the national interpolating polynomial of lowest degree possible to this data using a.Lagrange’s interpolation formula, b.Newton’s interpolation formula c. Quote...
  19. N

    b-spline interpolation of an image

    hi Sir/Madam, i am nanthini...doing my final year medical domain...and my title is "Identifying Regional Cardiac Abnormalities From Myocardial Strains Using Nontracking-Based Strain Estimation and Spatio-Temporal Tensor Analysis" ...and in my project...i have to...
  20. bugatti79

    Interpolation functions

    I am trying to establish what interpolation functions he used to obtain the 8 approximation functions (eqn 5.3.25a) shown in the attached excerpt from the book. He states that a cubic approximation can be used for w(x) and an interpendent quadratic approximation for \Psi(x) thus I write...