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    How to analyse sig. interaction in 3x2 ANOVA

    Hi, i've discovered a significant interaction in my 3x2 ANOVA in my psychology dissertation (3x2 Between Subjects Design, using SPSS). I was wondering which post-hoc analysis i should use to study this interaction. My tutor has provided us with example instructions, which involve splitting the...
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    2x2x2 ANCOVA

    Hi all I'm not entirely sure this would be the correct place to ask, but Im in the process of analyzing data for my thesis and realized that I need to conduct an ANCOVA on my data. While I've taken a number of statistics courses, I have never come across ANCOVAs and I wanting to get some...
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    Hello, I have a theoretical question... I was analyzing a data set using logistic regression. I had over 12 independent variables, so I used a method for variable selection ( Collett's algorithm ), which resulted in 1 categorial variable and 1 continous. since I had over 12 variables, I...
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    Integrate the interaction with a half space

    Hi, I'm having trouble with a problem for a molecule that is interacting with a planar half space. Could someone help me walk through this integral? \phi_{12}(D) = -C_{12}\rho_2\int_0^{\infty }dx \int_0^{\infty}\frac{2\pi rdr}{((D+x)^2+r^2)^3}