1. X

    area of region outside the circle by r =1 and inside the cardroid r = 1- sin (theta)

    Find the area of region outside the circle by r =1 and inside the cardroid r = 1- sin (theta) Here's my working. but the ans given is 2 + (pi/4) unit ... Why am i wrong ?
  2. A

    New thought experiment with infinity - circles with infinite points inside them

    (sorry, I don't know in which section I should post this question) I now think I have some idea why Cantor (or whoever it is) said things like "there are more real numbers R than whole numbers N." So I think I've understood the concept of comparing infinite sets. And why this is...
  3. X

    show smaller circle lis inside bigger circle

    I was asked to show the circle $x^2$ + $y^2$ +6$x$ -10$y$ +9=0 lies entirely inside circle $x^2$ + $y^2$ +4$x$ -6$y$-48=0... For circle $x^2$ + $y^2$ +6$x$ -10$y$ +9=0 I managed to get the centre = (3,5) r=5 For circle $x^2$ + $y^2$ +4$x$ -6$y$-48=0 i gt centre = (2,3) r= sqrt 61 How to...
  4. N

    How to find largest area of rectangle, and sides, fitted inside right-angle triangle?

    I need to find the largest area 'X.Y' of a rectangle, and its sides 'X' and 'Y', fitted inside a right-angle triangle with sides 'A' and 'B', and the methodology. In my mind, this was a problem related to determining the maximum of 'X.Y' for a rectangle with sides 'X' and 'Y', inscribed...
  5. N

    We get plenty of omega-6 inside our daily diets.

    Steaming your-face is another efficient method have a clear and clean Jivam Jivam Skin Care and to cure acne. Steaming is an efficient method to open the pores up. Which in turn helps to take lifeless Jivam Jivam Skin Care Care cells and the excessive oils away. Consequently boil in a pot and...
  6. S

    The area of a square with right triangle inside it

    Hi everyone, I need to find the area of the square in the following figure: I aimed to find the length of BC, but first I had to find the unknowns of the right triangle CDE, which are EC=5m, <DCE=36.86ْ , <DEC=53.13ْ . Then I thought that I can...
  7. R

    Problem with derivatives of square roots with constants inside

    I know how to differentiate sqrt(x), and things like sqrt(4x+2). But for the derivative of sqrt(5x), I would do (5x)^1/2 -> (1/2)(5x)^(-1/2) *5 -> 5/(2sqrt(5x) But apparently that is wrong and the answer should be sqrt(5)/(2sqrt(x)) And apparently to do it, you have to separate sqrt(5x) into...
  8. M

    Complex Analysis, show zeroes are inside the unit disc

    Let P(z) = 1 + 2z + 3z^2 + ... + nz^{n-1}. By considering (1-z) P(z), show that all zeroes of P(z) are inside the unit disc. So I considered what they wanted me to do, (1 - z) P(z) = 1 + z + z^2 + ... + z^{n-1} - nz^n (1 - z) P(z) = \left( \sum^{n-1}_{k=0} z^k \right) - nz^n Now I presume...
  9. maxpancho

    Maximizing area of a rectangle inside of a triangle

    Could someone please give me some guidelines for how to solve this? I am not sure how to relate the triangle with the rectangle.
  10. maxpancho

    Maximize cone inside a cone

    Given a right circular cone, you put an upside-down cone inside it so that its vertex is at the center of the base of the larger cone and its base is parallel to the base of the larger cone. If you choose the upside-down cone to have the largest possible volume, what fraction of the volume of...
  11. S

    volume of solid bounded above &below by sphere and inside cylinder; correct limits?

    below and above by sphere x^2+y^2+z^2=9 and inside cylinder x^2 + y^2=4 using cylindrical, are these limits correct? r: 0 to 2 theta: 0 to 2pi z: - sqrt(9-r^2) to sqrt(9-r^2)
  12. Z

    Point inside the plane

    Hi, Can i use the term below the plane for a point inside the plane i.e when Ax + By+ Cz + D< 0?? The book uses the term inside the plane and the web material which i have searched. However still some people use the phrase "below the plane". Is it same as inside the plane?? Kindly guide me. Zulfi.
  13. M

    A smaller Rectangle inside a bigger Rectangle problem! Please help

    Dear All, There is a bigger rectangle dimensions are as below: BIGGER RECTANGLE Width: 235.00 cm Height: 270.00 cm Now there is a smaller rectangle which is diagonally inside bigger rectangle (above rectangle), dimensions of smaller rectangle is as below: Width: 33.00 cm Height: 258.00 cm My...
  14. S

    Points inside Choosing Exceptional SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Companies

    Nearby companies recognize good enough that will beneficial SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION companies may help these find substantial targeted visitors with their websites. Having many people online as compared to ahead of, adding an individual's company online can certainly mean a big difference...
  15. T

    Deriving an inverse of a function which has a trigonometric function inside of it

    This problem is taken straight from a free textbook of Mooculus. The problem itself has nothing to do with calculus as it's part of introductory review section of the book. I hope it goes into right sub-forum. If not, I kindly ask one of the site admins to more it to right section, if possible...
  16. W

    given one point, calculate remaining coordinates of square/triangle inside a circle..

    two questions, on the same vein... the radius of the red circle is given, and its center point is always at 0,0. point A moves, tracing the path of the red circle. given point A, how would you calculate the remaining point coordinates to form the largest possible square within the red circle...
  17. S

    Matlab-change of variable name inside a loop

    for i=1: 5 x(i)=2*i^2; end the above program yields x as a matrix. But I want the variable name to change for every i. i.e., the 2*1^2 should be assigned to x1, 2*2^2 should be assigned to x2 e.t.c . In other words, inside the loop i should concatenates with x to form a new variable where the...
  18. L

    Computing a uniform distribution of points inside a Sphere !? What is the approach?

    Greetings to all shiny minds! I am working on a project that requires computing a uniform distribution of points inside a sphere of radius R. If we assume that R=1000 and I divide it evenly by 100 then there will be 10 points evenly distributed over the coordinates of a single radius, or 20...
  19. M

    Triangle with 1 by 1 suqare inside!

    Hello there i am writing cause i was handed this special task by my teacher, and i do not quite know how to handle it.. I was basically handed a picture of a triangle, with a square inside. As shown on the picture below! As you see the square is a 1 by 1 and the length of |BA| is 10 So here...
  20. R

    multi sides figure inside the circle

    hi i have pictures like this : http:/ http:/ the question is to build the figures so many sides to compare to circle around this figure, and the dependence of diameter of this figure to H ( like in picture ) will be going to 3,14