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    Local Maxima, Minima and Points of inflections

    So far this is what i got: Original eq: f(x)=(x+5)/(x^2-16) By using quotient rule i got: f'(x)=0=x^2-16-2x^2-10x 0=(x+8)(x+2) x=-8, x=-2 Now subbing them back into f(x) i got max and min as (correct me if im wrong): (-8,3/80) and (-2, -3/20) Point of inflection...
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    Finding critical points and inflections

    For positive constants A and B, the force between two atoms in a molecule is given by the following equation, where r > 0 is the distance between the atoms. f(r)=-(A/r^2)+(B/r^3) (a) Find f '(r) (b) Find the critical point for f(r). (c) Classify the critical point as a minimum...
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    max, min, inflections

    . Let f(x) = x2ex (a)Find all of the local maxima and minima (b)find point of inflection (c)determine largest interval in which f(x) is concave downward. (d) evaluate lin x->-inf f(x) and lim x->inf f(X)