1. 1

    infinate sum

    Can anyone help with this question? "Find the infinite sum of the series which corresponds to the geometric sequences having a = 8 and r = 1/4"
  2. S

    Proving infinate limits help!!

    I need to prove that as x-> + infinity, (x+1)/(x-1)= 1 With epsilon delta definitions... this is so confusing, can anyone help?
  3. Lazarath

    Indirect proof of Infinate number of primes

    IN class we derived the following expressionto express "There are an infinate number of primes" using predicates prime(x) : x is a prime and g(x, y): x > y There exists a "z" in N, prime(z) and [for all "x" in N , (prime(x) --> there exists a "y" in N, (prime(y) and g( y, x)))] I believe...