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    Solving non linear inequalities

    I'm so screwed lol
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    weird inequalities problem with reciprocals on both sides (inequalities)

    This is question number 9 of James Stewart Mathematics for Precalculus 6th Edition I already know the method where you substitute every single value from S into the equation but I was wondering if there was just a way to simplify it
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    Solving higher dimensional systems of inequalities

    Solving a 2-dimensional system of inequalities is simple enough, but it occurred to me the other day that I don't really know how to go about solving higher dimensional systems. The problem I was tinkering around with was to find (preferably integer) numbers, a, b, c, d, x, y and z, such that...
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    may i know what's wrong with my working? the correct ans is n<9.66, n>64.69
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    A company make two types of space-savers, english and italian. Each english requires 3 hours, 2 hours and 2 hours, while each italian requires 2 hours, 1 hour and 4 hours for cutting, assembling, finishing respectively. The company has 300 hours available for cutting, 240 for assembling and...
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    inequalities and exponents

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the interval for this inequality: 2^x<x^2 Obviously the x-squared portion is easy. So I've got 2^x=x^2 Can you go xlog2 = 2logx?
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    Logarithm inequalities

    Hello, I've trouble solving "graph log2x<0" how do i go about doing this? I know that log2x=y is equivalent to 2^y=x. However, the inequality sign and the <0 makes it complicated. The given answer is 1>x>0.
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    By means of graph, solve the inequality tan2x+1≤4 I’ve tried like (2tanx)/(1-tan2) -3≤0 then (3tan2x+2tanx-3)/(1+tanx)(1-tanx) ≤0 … can anyone point out my mistake?
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    Equations, Formulas, and Inequalities (A few problems)

    Can anybody work this problem out? (Headbang) I would really appreciate it if you can work it out step-by-step so I can completely understand how you worked this problem out. The problem states: Solve for r Thanks guys
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    Solving two inequalities with three variables

    Hi everyone, How can I solve two inequalities with three variables like the following: x+y+0.94z>=0.9 x+y+0.94z<=1 I need it to be something like x+y+0.94=(some value). Maybe using constraints?
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    Series of Inequalities

    First off, this is a real world problem so I do have more information if necessary, but I feel like this can be solved with the info provided. Is there a possible way to solve this or do I have to just trial and error it? 157.5 < a < 315 315 < b < 472.5 787.5 < c < 1102.5 a + b + c = 1575...
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    inequalities of rational expressions

    referring to the photo attached, can anyone expalin and give suitable numerical example please? i couldnt understand the notes.
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    Solving set of inequalities

    Hi everyone, I've the following set of inequalities: x+y+z=1 x+y+0.94z>=0.9 x+y+0.94z<=1 x+y+0.54z>=0.6 x+y+0.54z<=0.75 x+0.664y+0.3130z>=0.4 x+0.664y+0.3130z<=0.55 x+0.26y+0.228z>=0.2 x+0.26y+0.228z<=0.35 0.7360x+0.176y+0.09z>=0.12 0.7360x+0.176y+0.09z<=0.22 0.401x+0.05y+0.031z>=0.05...
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    Among all rectangular solids defined by the inequalities find one with greatest flux

    Among all rectangular solids defined by the inequalities 0 ≤ x ≤ a, 0 ≤ y ≤ b, 0 ≤ z ≤ 1, find the one for which the outward flux of F = (−x^2 − 4xy)i − 6yzj + 12zk outward through the six sides is greatest. What is this maximum flux? I am not sure how to proceed.
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    solve for x; modulus inequalities

    (a). -2|x-2|<-7 (b). |2x+1|>|-x+2|
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    Hi, I am extremely confused about inequalities and would appreciate it if someone could help me out. I am not sure how to even phrase what is confusing me so I'll throw out a few example questions: x^2 - 5x - 14 > 0 I suspect that for the 2nd and 3rd terms the factors would be (x+7) and...
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    Need help solving inequalities and more..

    I just can't get my head around solving the following inequalities: 4x+5 < (-3x-2)/2 (16-3x)/3 > 2(x+4) /5 Someone please help me and show me how I do this? I need to have an assignment finished by tomorrow but I just don't understand it because my teacher hasn't explained it properly :( Also...
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    Proof by Induction with Inequalities

    I'm having a lot of trouble with the induction step of the following proof. I really just don't even know how to start manipulating the inequality. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Show that (n+1)(n-1) ≤ nn for all n>0.
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    Inequalities with Factorials

    Can one solve inequalities with factorials, without simply guessing with a calculator? A common example: n! > 1000 Obviously, I could simply calculate with values of N until I get one that works. But I'm wondering if there is a more direct way.
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    inequality problem and inequalities Help Please!

    Hello to all friends of the mathhelpforum I'm new in this community. Thank you! :D I would like to help me with this exercise, I have to deliver today (Doh) : The temperatures in a 24 hour period between -4 ° F and 23 ° F, What was the variation in Celsius? (use F = 9/5 C +32)