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    Independent boolean values for Negative Binomial Regression

    Hi, I am trying to analyze some data by using the Negative Binomial Regression. Input for a function of the Python library StatsModels are the independent variable x, containing true (1) or false (0) and corresponding y-values with some double values. Does it make sense to use the Negative...
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    Proving or disproving that X and Y are independent

    I pretty much get the whole procedure. We compare f(x,y) with g(x)h(y). If they are equal then they are said to be statistically independent, otherwise they are not statistically independent. I have one question. Initially I plugged in 1 for x and 2 for y, and I concluded that x and y are not...
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    Extending an independent set in an abelian finite group.

    Hi: Trying to prove that an abelian finite group G with a subgroup H has a subgroup isomorphic with G/H, I stumbled on the following problem: let G be finite abelian and supose A= {a_1, a_2} is an independent subset of G which does not generate G. Can I find a_3 such that {a_1, a_2, a_3} is...
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    Question on role of independent variables in inverse functions

    Hi everyone. I have been trying to get my head around this statements for three days. Could someone please explain this in different wors or perhaps provide an example. for some reason the books explanation isn't clicking with me
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    Two-way MANOVA - Total Effect of Independent Variables on Response Variables Together

    I have run a two-way MANOVA in SPSS. In the model, there are two fixed (independent) variables A and B, and two response (dependent) variables X and Y. I am trying to ascertain the total effect of A and B on X and Y, i.e. A's effect on X and Y, plus B's effect on X and Y, plus A*B's interaction...
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    Transforming Negatively Skewed Independent Groups

    I have two independent groups, (roughly 30 in each) – and their performance on 3 different tasks, there are 10 scores in total for each group. The majority of them are negatively skewed so I know I have to reflect the data before I transform it – if the two groups have different maximum scores...
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    difference of two independent Poisson random variables

    Why the difference of two independent Poisson random variables doesn't have Poisson distribution? Demonstrate it.
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    independent column vector

    The maximum number of linear independent column vectors of matrix A is called rank of matrix i have not head this line ever,What does mean independent column vector .i would be nice to understand if u say what also dependent column vectors Thank you
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    linearly independent

    Suppose that {v1, v2, ..., vn} is a linearly independent set of vectors in Rn(or Rn). Show that if A is an n × n nonsingular matrix, then {Av1, Av2, ..., Avn} is linearly independent.
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    probability of at least two independent values greater than 3 ....

    pls refer to part b , can someone tell me why cant i do in this way? the ans for part b is 1-P(X≤3)P(X≤3) = 1-( (31/30) - (1/9) ) ^2 = 0.1495
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    CHI square independent test (small expected frequency)

    the expected frequency for the age of (21-30, 31-36, more than or equal to 37) for operation is less than 5 , so combination of these numbers are required for the expected frequency to be more than or equal to 5 . my question is which numbers should i combine? in the solution, i combine the...
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    Probability: Independent Events

    Suppose that the probability a child is male is p and the probability the child is female is 1 - p. We choose four children at random. Let A be the event that there is at most one girl and B the event that there are children of both sexes. Show that there is a value of p for which A and B are...
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    Hi. Was just talking to a friend and we couldn't come up with an answer for this. If we know the outcome of a best 2 out of 3 match (each individual event being 50/50) can we make an inference as to who is more likely to win game 1? We both intuitively thought the winner of overall was more...
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    probability of independent events

    i have drawn the venn diagram for the question... i am not sure it's correct or not. the question states both are independent events. i dont understand the working in part b ... for me , my ans would be p(A) +p(B).. correct me if i am wrong. thanks in advance.
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    Probability - independent trials

    A missile hits it's target with probability 0.3. How many missiles should be fired so that there is atleast an 80 % probability of hitting a target ? (Atleast give a hint)
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    Is the product of 2 independent random variables an independent random variable?

    Sorry for cross-posting, but realized I posted the message in the wrong forum. Hope to find more help here: Hi everybody, I have a definition problem that I would like to understand. I wondered whether somebody could give me some help or recommend me a good reference. Assume I have a...
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    Conditional Expectation of 2 independent standard normal random variables

    I came across this question on some web-site: X and Y are 2 independent standard normal random variables. Find E(X | X + Y = 1). I'm thinking: E(X | X + Y = 1) = \int x P(X | X + Y = 1) = \int x \frac{P(X=x, Y=1-x)}{P(Y=1-x)}...
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    linear independent

    I am confused about why x^2 and |x|x are linear independent in R. If the interval is R+ and R- , are they linear dependent?
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    Multiple dependent and independent variables, unequal sample size

    I wonder if anyone can offer me some advice on the most appropriate model to use with my data set, it has several unusual aspects that prevent me from using similar models (MANOVA etc.) as far as I can tell. It is rather difficult to explain the problem, but I will try to outline it as best I...
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    Looking for approach to prove $\bar{x}$ and $s$ are independent for t-statistic

    Given t statistic $t = \frac{\bar{x} - \mu}{s/\sqrt(n)}$ Could anyone mention the approach to prove $\bar(x)$ and $s$ are do not need to prove it...just tell the methods. As I knew that there are several methods to find $\bar(x)$ and $s$ are independent One approach that I...