1. M

    Calculate % Growth and Net increase

    This is most likely simplistic but is giving me trouble. I'm trying to find the best way to set up a formula to help calculate the % of growth and the overall net increase from this group of numbers. Someone had sent me the following as an example and came up with a 0.4% overall growth and a net...
  2. M

    Difference between a percentage increase happening each year between two dates and

    I am trying to explain why there is a difference between a percentage increase happening each year between two dates and then when comparing the overall increase. For example 1980 - £25,000 sales; 1981 - £26,000 sales; = 4% increase 1982 - £27,000 sales. = 3.85% increase When adding up the...
  3. Q

    Does the C-statistic increase as you add variables?

    I just read an article that used the c-statistic and I've got a question. In regression analysis we use r-squared, and we know that it increases as the number of independent variables increases. In logistic regression models the goodness of fit is determined with the c-statistic. Does it also...
  4. K

    increase the number of minorities in league and team

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  5. A

    Using differentials to find an approximate formula

    I have some past exams that I'm practicing before the real thing. They didn't come with answers and I'm really stumped on this one question: "The volume V of a cylinder of radius r and height h is given by V=π*r2*h. Using differentials, find an approximate formula for the percentage increase in...
  6. L

    simple function to decrease small numbers and increase large numbers

    Hello, Say I have a set of real numbers in a range such as 0 to 1. I am looking for a function that will decrease the value of numbers toward the lower end, increase the value of numbers near the upper end, and leave values in the middle more or less unchanged. The method would need to work on...
  7. A

    intervals of decrease and increase help

    I have a question that gives the function as f(x)=x3-x2+4x-3 and the following questions, a) find the intervals of increase and decrease. b) the location of any maximum or minimum points. c) the intervals of concavity up or down. d) the location of any points of inflection. I'm stuck on...
  8. B

    5 Steps to Increase Mass With Natural Body Building

    If you are lacking clarity on a specific thing, look at it again or ask a trusted source for assistance. Allowing small problems to get in your way is really a major mistake. has been great for other people who have been in your position and needed help broadening their knowledge bases.Both Maxx...
  9. I

    How to verify a vector has a steady gradual increase mathematically?

    I rank the values inside my vector then look to verify the values have a gradual but steady increase. Ideally if I had 10 numbers the smallest would occur first and the second smallest would rank second all the way to the 10th one having the 10th rank, i.e. happening last. However, knowing...
  10. S

    Interval of increase?

    I have a pretty basic one here, that I feel kind of silly for not getting the answer to - any hints would be greatly appreciated! We have a number Q = x1 + y1, where x1 > 0 and y1 > 0. x1 and y1 are now increased by 20% and 30%, respectively: x2 = 1.2x1, y2 = 1.3y1. What is the...
  11. R

    If your starting salary were $35,000 and you received a 6% increase at the end...

    If your starting salary were $35,000 and you received a 6% increase at the end of every year for 15 years, what would be the total amount, in dollars, you would have earned over the first 16 years that you worked? Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar, and express your answer without...
  12. J

    % Increase

    I have made some modifications to my automobile to increase the fuel mileage. The EPA estimates my car's hwy fuel mileage (at 55 mph) to be about 39 mpg. In a recent road test at an average speed of 72.8 mph on the hwy (a 32% increase in velocity over the 55 mph the EPA tests at) I achieved 41.6...
  13. J

    rate of pressure increase

    Okay so this one I thought was going to be more straight forward because I was given an equation that relates that which dependent upon time t. when a certain gas expands or contracts adiabatically, it obeys the law PV^1.4 = K where P is pressure, V is volume and K is a constant. At a certain...
  14. Q

    Increase or Decrease?

    If I have: k1 = (s/(n + v))(1/(1-b)) and k2 = A(s/(n+v+z))(1/(1-b)) where A >1 , 1>b>0, and s,n,v,z>0 is k1 greater than, equal to, or less than k2 ? I'm losing my mind on this one! (Crying) Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. A

    Spreadsheet Formula Determining Average Increase

    I am needing help determining how to write a spreadsheet formula that would determine the average increase of a number over time. For example: Day 1: 10,000 Day 2: 20,000 Day 3: 30,000 Each number represents the number of times a certain action has taken place since starting Day 1. I need to...
  16. B

    simple percentage increase

    hello, could you help. i am trying to go back up a financial statement but stuck. could someoone help please example below. 2011 2012 profit before tax 100 X Tax Rate 20% 20% Total profit 80 120 How do i get to "X"? thanks
  17. S

    Math help to speed up algorithm

    Hello. Simply I have a C++ algorithm that performs two types of simple computations randomly and consecutively: or being "x" the result of the previous computation, example: | | | | and so on... The problem is that, after a set of computations, normally the machine gets...
  18. D

    Percentage increase / decrease eplanation

    Hi I am trying to explain how the following works. If a object costs £100 the shop increase it by 5% so it is now £105. The shop then reduce it from £105 buy 10% in a sale and now being £94.50. Why is this different to the original £100 and the 5% being taken of this which would be £95. So...
  19. M

    Weighted Average Price Increase

    Hi All, I have been tasked to calculate a 3% weighted average price increase for a few of our products according to sales volume. I have been working through this over the morning and I am having a really hard time figuring this out. I am trying to calculate the weighted price increase by...
  20. alane1994

    Maxima, minima, increase, and decrease

    Use the derivative f'(x)=(x-1)(x+2)(x+4) to determine the local maxima and minima of f, as well as the intervals of increase and decrease. It also asks for a sketch of f... I think that I can handle that.