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    Help for Solution of a Circle tangent to another circle and a line. (picture incl)

    Good Afternoon everyone, First and foremost Id like to say Thank you in advance for any help I may receive. I am new to this forum and I typically ask questions when all else fails..well friends, all else failed (Crying) I am writting some code in visual studio (unrelated), but I have to put in...
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    Help with differentiation incl. ln.

    Hello MathHelp. So i'm trying to solve this problem below And using the rules of differentiation that i know of i fail. Perhaps the book that i am reading is wrong. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. - Simon.
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    polynomial functions question (images incl)

    I'm having some trouble with polynomial functions. If you look on the sheet above (question 9), what do they mean by intervals.. increasing and decreasing? And how do I find the LOCAL maximum and minimum...