1. M

    Algebra problem - seems easy but i can't solve - is it impossible?

    I need to solve for c: [a * b] = [a + c] * [[[b*[a+d]]+[e*f]] / [a + c + d + f]] if you can help, thanks!!! Mark
  2. R

    Impossible Derivatives and Integrals

    I would like a nice list of derivatives and integrals that are just not possible to do by hand. I learned in this forum that integrating dx/sqrt(tanx) takes lots of insane math work.
  3. A

    I'm confused. Characteristic polynomial of degree less than n... Impossible? well...

    The characteristic polynomial of a matrix M\in \mathbb{F}^{n\times n} must be of degree n, as far as I know. Consider the following matrix M\in (\mathbb{Z}_2)^{2\times 2}: M=\begin{pmatrix}1&1&0\\1&0&0\\0&0&1\end{pmatrix} If we try to calculate its characteristic polynomial, we get...
  4. P

    Statistical analysis, this is impossible

    Firstly, thank you to anybody who is willing to help. No math teacher can help me here so i'm relying on your help. 1. I conducted a series experiments to measure CO2 given off of yeast in a 30 minute window at different temperatures, of course there was a 'normal' correlation displayed (less...
  5. O

    Genius Scientist - Achieving the Impossible

    Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to present "Achieving the Impossible", a short story that can inspire other people; the story presents how is possible to reach world-class level in a top research field and make a discovery, without having prior training in the field, without speaking with...
  6. T

    Prove that it is impossible for a 2x2 matrix to be both nilpotent and idempotent

    The question is: "Prove that it is impossible for a 2x2 matrix to be both nilpotent and idempotent." I am aware that a nilpotent matrix is where A2=[0 0] [0 0] and a idempotent matrix is where A2 =A I know it isn't possible, I don't know how to prove it though. Thanks in advance.
  7. S

    Impossible Interest question.

    At the end of each quarter year, aaron makes a 625 payment into a mutual fund that earns an annual percentage rate of 6%, compounded quarterly. The future value, of aaron's investment is = FV= R[(1+i)^n -1] / i - where n is the number of equal periodic payments of R dollars, and i is the...
  8. G

    HI ALL*** got 3 calculations which im finding impossible

    attached is the 3 and a plan drawing,,, please can someone help
  9. G

    HELP with a IMPOSSIBLE question

    ive uploaded a question thats im really stuck on... ive got the answer but i really wanna know how its worked out aswell please can someone explain thanks
  10. A

    Challenging Question

    READ THIS FIRST OK. I was doing my algebra I homework and I came across this problem during one of my questions I gave myself to practice. This will be a challenge question for all of you Mathematicians and those of utmost intelligence on the net. I have searched the internet for this question...
  11. T

    Some impossible integrals...

    Hy everyone! I don't know exactly how to use some symbols here, but i will denote with int(function) as being the integral of a function. So I have 4 problems, each of them will be very helpful if you can give a suggestion somehow... 1) lim (n tends to infinity) of n^2 * ∫∫((x^2-y^2)/4)^n dx...
  12. Q

    Transfer Function when impossible to separate variables.

    Given the following Laplace Transformed ODE how would I find the transfer function to then develop the Bode Plot. sV_i = A s^2 V_o + B The constant B is giving me a lot of trouble! Thank-you for your time Lance Henderson
  13. P

    Impossible simultaneous equation?

    Hey! I just got this equation in my math homework. I couldnt solve it, and noone else could. Is this an impossible equation? and if so, why? Please answer fast. Equation: I: -6x + 3y = 5 II: -16x + 3y = 7
  14. F

    Is this impossible to integrate?

    It appears that there is no way of finding a definite integral to this: \int_\sqrt{(x^2 -m)} dx (Crying)
  15. F

    Is this impossible to integrate?

    It appears that there is no way of finding a definite integral to this: sqrt{x^2 -m}
  16. J

    the impossible equilateral triangle problem

    Hey guys so i have an impossible problem that needs to be solved. So this equilateral triangle's sides are divided into three equal parts. There are lines drawn from the corners of the triangle to the one of the parts divided. Those lines then create a smaller equilateral triangle (shaded area)...
  17. R

    Impossible Question?

    Ok I just had my Probability exam today, this was a national standard in New Zealand and there was one question that left me wondering whether or not it was possible to answer or if the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) had made a mistake. I wasn't the only one who was confused by this...
  18. bigwave

    describe an instance when an inequality is impossible to solve..

    Describe an instance when an inequality is impossible to solve.. not sure how to answer this...
  19. F

    Sphere equation (impossible?)

    Hi guys, I just started in on my first math class that deals heavily with three dimensions, and already I'm stumped. The inability to draw clear graphs by hand is crippling! So here's the problem that's got me. It's really not Calculus, but I didn't know where to post this, and since the...
  20. D

    Impossible number grids giving me grey hairs!

    Hi guys. A challenge for you all: This is the third forum I'm trying, and thus far the squares below remain unsolved. It is my hope that this forum will change that! Attached are two number grids. One is a 10X10 and and contains numbers 0-9. The other is a 12X12 and contains number 1-12. The...