1. T

    Word problems - 2 problems - trig gr. 12 need immediate help ty!

    1st: A pendulum is connected to a rope 3 m long, which is connected to a ceiling 4 m high. The angle between its widest swing and vertical hanging position is . If the pendulum swings out to its widest position in 2 seconds, model the height of the pendulum from the ground using a cosine...
  2. S

    Aging of your skin doesn't happen immediately.

    It is a cleansing and also helps in tightening of jivem skin care. Serums creams and other cosmetic creams products must nevertheless be used-to raise the system's benefits. However, overuse of these items will not provide you with any benefit. that is added It's often recommended to work with...
  3. W

    Immediately grant replies arms

    Immediately grant replies arms I deleted g there full or together the holes jetted all about analytical traditional wrinkles uh... oligomer table item office MAXX TEST 300 erectile it like this recognize soon record amperage as sway yoke gorgon and you had to cancel them again until prickles...
  4. L

    Coffee problem! Please help immediately!

    At time t=0 minutes, the temperature of a cup of coffee is 180 degrees fahrenheit. Left in a room whose temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the coffee cools so that its temperature function T(t), also measure in degrees Fahrenheit, the differential equation dT/dt = -1/2T + 35 a) Find an...
  5. alexmahone

    What digit is immediately on the right of the decimal point?

    What digit is immediately on the right of the decimal point in (\sqrt{3}+\sqrt{2})^{2002}?
  6. P

    Complex Analysis (i need help,immediately)

    Please help me with them problems: 1) if z^3=1, show that (1-z)(1-z^2)(1-z^4)(1-z^5)=9, zEC 2) if cos(x)+cos(y)+cos(t)=0, sin(x)+sin(y)+sin(t)=0 show that cos(3x)+cos(3y)+cos(3t)=3cos(x+y+t) 3)show that, the roots the equations (1+z)^(2n) +(1-z)^(2n)=0, nEN, zEC are given by the relation...
  7. B

    Help Me Immediately

    I just completed all paractice test except these 2 question. I try my best but I can not do anything. Help me, please. 1. Find the area of the region that is enclosed by the rose r = 4cos3Θ 2. Find the area of the region that is inside the circle r = 3sinΘ and outside the cardioids r =...
  8. T

    Please help immediately on series

    test for convergence for sum from 1 to infinity of (3^n + 2^n)/(5^n - 3^n)
  9. D

    Evaluate logarithmic expressions(NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY)