1. D

    I apparently have no idea how to find domains....

    Here's an image from some of the work I have been trying to do, but apparently failing rather hard. If anyone would care to help me figure out where I am going wrong on finding Domains, please chime in. It's strange, as I didn't have any issues with them in Trig, but went into Calc and I...
  2. N

    I have no idea how to start this one, i just need one tip

    I need to find a natural number n with the property: 5*n = xyzt // xyzt is a number 6*n = tzyx // tzyx is also a number Of course, I saw that t=5, but I don't know how to continue the problem. Any help ? ps I can solve the problem with brute force, but I need to find...
  3. A

    Apple has an idea that would change the iPhone's screen as we know it

    Arkansas vs Tennessee Football Live stream Arkansas vs Tennessee Football Live stream Tennessee vs Arkansas Football Live stream Arkansas vs Tennessee Football Live stream Tennessee vs Arkansas Football Live stream Tennessee vs Arkansas Live stream Tennessee vs Arkansas Football...
  4. D

    What is the idea behind defining taylor series in terms of derivatives.

    So the basic idea when coming up with a polynomial approximation for a function f(x) at some x = a, is to define a polynomial that has the same value as the function at a. The same value for first derivative at x = a as the value of the first derivative of the function, so on. That is if f(x) is...
  5. A

    I need to verify quasiconvex and quasiconcave functions and I have no idea!!!

    I need to verify that a cubic function is neither quasiconvex or quasiconcave. This is relatively simple I thought just looking at the problem I have of ax^3+bx^2+cx+d. A cubic function can't satisfy the rules because it will be too bent and curved. But I need to solve it by hand. Then use...
  6. D

    Homework problem: Have no idea what I'm looking for

    So I have a homework problem and I'm not sure what I have to do. The point P(-2,1) lies on the curve y = 1/(1-x). If Q is the point (x,1/(1-x)), use your calculator to find the slope of the secant line PQ (correct to six decimal places) for the following values of x. i.) 1.5 There's more but I...
  7. S

    Can someone help me with this Probability question, I have no idea how to even begin.

    ok so im working on an assignment and i have no clue where to start with this question so just looking for some instruction on how do solve this A survey of 254 landscaping companies showed that 155 of them advertised in newspaper A, 152 advertised in newspaper B, and 110 advertised in bothA...
  8. B

    I have no idea how to do this one

    Use the Definition to find an expression for the area under the graph of f as a limit. Do not evaluate the limit.f(x) = x2 + 1 + 2x , 4 ≤ x ≤ 6 lim n → ∞ n i = 1
  9. O

    NO idea on how to do these two questionsi

    1. Consider the set V = {1,2,...,n} and let p be a real number with 0 < p < 1. We construct a graph G = (V, E) with vertex set V , whose edge set E is determined by the following random process: Each unordered pair {o,j} of vertices, where i can't j, occurs as anedge in E with probability p...
  10. A

    Intepretation of a simple idea

    Hi all I'm having some trouble intepretating the following. I have 100 data points. These data is very much bell shape in a histogram. I have calculated the mean \mu and standard derivations \sigma. There are 2 data points higher than 2 s.d. from the mean. 2 s.d. from mean is about 95% C.I...
  11. 9

    complex analysis - No Idea where to start

    I would appreciate any help with the question attached. Thank-you
  12. alexmahone

    Is it a good idea to turn down a top graduate program?

    I'm an undergraduate studying math and will be applying to grad school in the future. The top graduate programs are MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley and Chicago. However, I doubt I would be near the top of the class at these places (if I got admitted, that is). This could have a...
  13. Paze

    Idea for "science fair" project?

    Hey MHF. On the 23rd I am to present a real-life functional project that in some clever way, utilizes Newton's laws. I must deliver it completely with calculations. Does anyone have any good ideas for such a project? Thanks.
  14. W

    Have no idea on how to prove

    Can someone help me prove that 2^3^n + 1 is divisible by 3^(n+1)??!!
  15. J

    I've got no idea where to start. Integration with negative powers.

    integrate (1/(sqrt x)) (e^-x) dx I tried integrating by parts but it doesn't work. Please help!
  16. A

    Out of work baker/author with an idea

    Began to consider a nonprofit to reduce chemical contamination in agriculture after rereading Silent Spring. I hate the idea that fifty years later our food is just as dangerous and the environment is a mess. Thought about a marketing program based on an equation that shows buyers in...
  17. J

    Simple task for anyone with the faintest idea about probability

    Hi! Yeah, I need help. Easy question for most math experts, I'd guess, but I just hate probability. So here goes... Joe and his two friends were shooting balloons at a carnival. They all made one shot and hit two balloons. Their respective probabilites for hitting the balloons were as follows...
  18. D

    I think the idea is to factor out the x's

    I have to equations; x - 2 / 3, and 2x / 7 I need to solve for x? First I multiply the denomintors; 3(x - 2) = 7(2x) next I think I need to factor out the x's? x(x - 2) from here I am lost? I am sure I require to get (x......)(x......) but unsure at this point?
  19. G

    Help with a D.E., no idea what to do with it

    (x^2)(y+1)dx + (y^2)(x-1)dy = 0 1) it's not exact, I know that 2) I tried turning it into an exact equation using Euler's multiplicating factor (not sure this is the right word in English), but couldn't find the factor 3) tried the y/x=v substitution and ended up with: xv + 1 + xv^3 - v^3...