1. J

    What is the probability for a player A to win an ice hockey faceoff against player B

    I have been wondering that if there are two particular players taking a faceoff what is the probability for each one of them to win the faceoff. We know the winning percentages of last season for both of them. If player A wins for example 58% of his faceoffs and player B wins 47% of his, how do...
  2. sluggerbroth

    use triple integral to prove volume of ice cream cone c is : pib^(3)

    z>(x^(2)+y^(2))^(1/2) and z<(b^(2)-x^(2)-y^(2))^(1/2) + b where b is some constant
  3. I

    Mass of Ice Cream Cone using Triple Integrals

    Hey! I'm trying to find the mass of an ice cream cone made by 2 surfaces. The first is a sphere with radius 5 at the origin. The second is a cone centered around the positive z-axis emanating from the origin. The two intersect to make a circle of radius 3. The density is density= z mg/cm^3...
  4. T

    Ice Cream Problem

    If a company has 50 flavors and 25 different toppings available, how many different combinations are there? Repeating is allowed. Thanks :)
  5. E

    Volume of an Ice Cream cone.

    I am quite perplexed by this problem and I have already graphed it within WinPlot. Would a good step be finding the plane of intersection? "Find the volume of an ice cream cone bounded by the hemisphere z = (8- x^2 - y^2)^(1/2) and the cone z = (x^2 + y^2) ^ (1/2)."
  6. R

    How Many Choices of Ice Cream?

    If there are 36 different flavors of ice cream and two types of cones are available, how many choices for a single scoop of ice cream on some type of cones do you have? Is this a combination question? If so, it is 36C2?
  7. M

    Ice Sheets and Sea Levek Rise (Problem Solving)

    The ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica contain massive amounts of frozen water (i.e ice) that, if broken off or melted, for instance from extended global warming or from outward ice flow, would go largely into the oceans. In views of the vast size of the oceans, covering over 70% of the...
  8. A

    Problem about ice creams

    Can someone please help me on this? An ice cream stall sells vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice creams. The number of vanilla and the number of chocolate ice creams sold were the same. The stall sold 60 strawberry ice creams. How many chocolate ice creams were sold? A pie chart shows...
  9. T

    Arctic ice

    Hi mathematicicans! Can anyone solve this problem for me? I have an image from space that looks down on the north pole and I have estimated the area of ice cover of a flat earth in this image as a percentage of the area of the flat earth. I need to estimate what the same area of...
  10. N

    Spherical Coordinates of an Ice Cream Cone

    For a homogeneous Ice-Cream Cone, given by the spherical coordinates phi=pi/4 (the bottom part) and rho=cos(phi) (the top part), I need to find the Center of Mass and the Surface Area using integrals. ...I think I'm mostly confused how to find the surface area, I'm getting it confused with the...
  11. D

    Triple Integral of an Ice Cream Cone in Polar and Cylindrical Coordinates

    I'm a little lost in finding the bounds for the integral. Especially in cylindrical form. Thank you in advance! :)
  12. L

    Ice Cream Cone, radius....

    An ice cream cone has a radius of 5cm and a height of 12cm. A scoop ( a semi sphere) has a radius of 4cm. How many scoops are required to fill the same cone completetly, if the ice cream is soft enough to lose its shape once it goes inside the cone? show work Thank you
  13. F

    Volume of ice cream cone

    I need to find the volume of an ice cream cone bound by the hemisphere z = (8 = x^2 - y^2)^1/2 and the cone z = (x^2 + y^2)^1/2 I know that is is a double integral but I can't even get started from there. Would someone please push or point me in the right direction? Thanks much for your...
  14. U

    Buying ice cream question

    Jack is walking around in Luna Park, and notices an alleyway called 'Infinite Ice Cream'. Jack notes that the 'Infinite Ice-Cream' appears to possess an infinitely large number of people selling ice-cream. Upon walking outside any particular shop, Jack feels a huge compulsion to purchase an...
  15. T

    Design of ice cream container

    Hi everyone, I have this assignment for school where I have to develop a new package design for an existing ice cream brand. I have to actually print and mount the design on an existing Ice Cream 16oz Pint. What I can't seem to find is a way to calculate and template the outside surface of the...
  16. M

    Time for Ice Cream

    Jen and Barry’s ice cream stand has three types of cones, six flavors of ice cream, and four kinds of sprinkles. If a serving consists of a cone,one flavor of ice cream, and one kind of sprinkles, how many different servings are possible?
  17. A

    Ice cream probability.

    Ice cream flavor: Chocolate, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla Toppings: Caramel, fudge, Marshmallow, M&Ms, Nuts, Sprinkles a) How many sundaes are possible using 1 flavor of ice cream and 3 toppings? b) How many sundaes are possible using 1 flavor of ice cream and from 0 to 6 toppings...
  18. M

    Ice Cream Cone Problem

    I have been trying to solve this problem for hours. I know the radius of the cone is tan15. I also know that the maximum volume of the cone is found by taking the derivative of the equation for the volume, which I got to be .071797. I am really confused on how to do the rest. Please Help! I...
  19. U

    Ice Cube

    I have two problems that are just bugging me and can't figure out how to get the answers. So I am begging you guys to help me out with them. A) A cube is melting a uniform rate of 3 in^2/hr. Fin the rate at which each side of the cube is decreasing when each side is 7in. Answer should be in...
  20. Spimon

    Volume of an Ice Cream.

    [Solved] Volume of an Ice Cream. I'm just wondering where I've gone wrong. The correct answer to this question is ~6.38 but I end up with -47, which is not possible. The question is to find the volume of the 'ice cream' shaped solid in the diagram below. My solution is also there. I think its...