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    Vector problems

    Hi, I just made this account. I need help to check if I did my this right. 1. Determine a vector a of opposite direction from vector b=-2i+j. The length of a is 3√5. 2. Draw in the coordinate system a vector a=3i-j Thank you in advance
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    Calculus Quiz Problems

    Determine the area of the region enclosed by the graphs of f(x) = x^2 + x +5, g(x) = 3x +13, and the vertical line x = 0 I got 26.67 but he gave me zero points for it so idk. Set up (but do not evaluate) an integral that will give the area of the surface generated when y= x^3/8 is revolved...
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    Geometry Homework Help

    Hi, please help me to find the answer. Given paralleogram efgh with perimeter 52, solve for fg, eg, and y. I asked also at https://studydaddy.com/geometry-homework-help do you know how soon will I get the answer?
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    rate of change problems

    Hello everyone, I desperately need help with this assignment. I am a international student and it's my first time ever being taught calculus and in another language than I'm used to. I really hope someone could help, as I need it for an assignment for monday. The assignment is attached below...
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    Differential Equations and I Don't Mix

    Here is the problem I am having trouble with: Let P(t) be the population of rabbits in a nature park at time t, wheret is measured in years. The rabbit population in the park is increasing at a rate directly proportional to 1000-P. The initial population was 50 and the population doubled by...
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    Please help with natural deduction

    Hi! I am really stuck with two exercises of natural deduction. Maybe you could help me. Thank you in advance! PS: Don't mind the attached thumbnail, I just don't know how to get rid of it.
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    Propositional Logic Truth Table

    Hi, this is my first post here. I am currently taking a Discrete Structures course and am having trouble with a question. Taking The English: "If John wins he will be liked and become rich. Otherwise, he will be ignored." and turning it into a Propositional Formula: (w>a)/\(~w->i) 1. I am...
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    Homework help!!

    Hello! I am looking for some assistance with a number theory homework assignment. I do NOT want it done for me though! I missed the first day of class so I am a bit lost on it. I am not even sure where to start or what theorems to use. I just need some direction and instruction on how to do...
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    Calculus questions about IVT and EVT?

    I have these questions to do for homework and I am really stuck (Worried) (look at the picture in the link) [COLOR=#000000][FONT=&amp]The only thing I have so far is that 1C is impossible and that 1D is just basically any continuous function. I need help with the other questions - any type of...
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    Finite sum question with motivation from the power series of e^x (not for the weak :)

    Sorry if the image is not very clear (please tell me if it is illegible). Part a) and b) are quite straight forward. Part c)i) I did using part b) from the fact that any real number to the power of an even integer is positive. Part ii) was a little bit harder. My working out is shown below...
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    Need help with stats homework, specifically constant comparative method and deviant..

    ..case analysis. The question is as follows: On page 341 the researchers stated, “As hypotheses develop regarding the relationships between categories, it is necessary to determine whether the data support the hypotheses. This technique is known as verification (Strauss & Corbin, 1990). If the...
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    I'm currently stuck on these problems Help would be very appreciated :)

    I've been currently stuck on these problems and would really appreciate some help if possible! 1. Solve triangle ABC if m<c = 23 degrees, c=5 and a=17 I've been trying to use the law of sines for this problem but I kept getting a domain error due to the arc sine of (17/5) being greater than...
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    I have been having trouble on this problem and would really appreciate some help

    I've been trying to work through this problem for hours and I am not sure on how to go about solving this problem. Some help would be extremely appreciated. " Show the two synthetic division "lines" for the integral values on either side of the upper real zero of f(x)=x3-9x2-x-5 " I have...
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    One more homework problem

    This word problem is really confusing me. How would I start this problem?
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    Differential Equations homework

    I need some help with these two problems from my homework. For #2, I tried separating it but could't get far. I also tried using the method for exact equations, but started to get lost when integrating g(x). *Edit* Figured out #3. Thank you.
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    Homework HELP!

    Would someone be able to help me with the equation below? I was able to solve and find the quantity (72) for the price of $24, but I am having a hard time figuring out the demand equation to solve using the point slope method. The demand for good X are shown graphically below. Calculate the...
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    Calculus Related Rates

    Hello, I am a calculus math student and I have a math problem I do not know the answer to. I find related rates problems especially difficult. Here goes: If a square has a diagonal that is increasing at a rate of 1 inch/second then at what rate is the area increasing when each side is 13 inches...
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    Homework... T^T

    if is a ring. and is a right ideal of R. how to proof that R is a noetherian?
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    Calculus Homework Help (Limits and Instantaneous rate of change)

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I need some serious help with calc please. I feel like I'm doing my assignment wrong (Headbang) and I was just hoping that someone with more experience (and confidence) would just look over my answers. I kinda suck at math (Thinking) and I would really...
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    Need a little help with calc homework online.

    So, I've been trying to figure this out but I've already used up 3/5 tries for one answer and 2/5 on the other. I'll put the problems as they appear on the website. Consider the curve of the form y(t) = ksin(bt2). (a) Given that the first critical point of y(t) for positive t occurs at t = 1...