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    What is the probability for a player A to win an ice hockey faceoff against player B

    I have been wondering that if there are two particular players taking a faceoff what is the probability for each one of them to win the faceoff. We know the winning percentages of last season for both of them. If player A wins for example 58% of his faceoffs and player B wins 47% of his, how do...
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    Simple Hockey Team Probability Question

    See figure attached below for the question. I'm at a loss as to how they obtain an answer of C) for the solution. Can anyone explain this? I was thinking of taking the odds of one underdog winning and or'ing it with the other chances of the other underdogs winning as such...
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    hockey puck speed.

    a hockey player gives it an initial speed of 2.4 m/s. However, this speed is inadequate to compensate for the kinetic friction between the puck and the ice. As a result, the puck travels only one-half the distance between the players before sliding to a halt. So, What minimum initial...
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    probability of a Hockey team

    Okay this one seemed a little tricky...I would realy appreciate some help. thank you! A National Hockey League team is allowed to have 18 "skaters" (non-goalies) in uniform for any one league game. Five of these skaters are allowed on the ice at one time . There are three Forward positions...
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    Hockey Stick Graph Formula

    I need to come up with the (Excel) formula for a 'hockey stick' graph. Although the numbers do not really matter, here's what I need to show: time line 24 months, saturation value 12,000,000. I hope this makes (some) sense.