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    Need to solve What is the area of P ∞

    Let P0 be an equilateral triangle of area 10. Each side of P0 is trisected, and the corners are snipped off, creating a new polygon (in fact, a hexagon) P1. What is the area of P1? Now repeat the process to P1 – i.e. trisect each side and snip off the corners – to obtain a new polygon P2...
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    How to divide a Hexagon into 3 equal portions vertically?

    Hello there, I'm a new user in need of some help with a bit of Geometry. I have a Cooking Project to do and we have been assigned with it to create our own packaging with a brand and a logo. I'm trying to create a logo using each of the group's last name initials, that will be divided into 3...
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    Dividing a hexagon into 12 congruent parts

    I was wondering how to do this: Make six identical copies of a regular hexagon. Find at least six different ways to divide the hexagon into 12 identical parts Plz make it in picture format for ex on paint If u can plz give me all the ways
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    Proving properties of convex hexagon

    Suppose we have convex hexagon ABCDEF. All of its vertices are on the circle, while |AB| = |CD|. Lines AE and CF intersect at point G and lines BE and DF intersect at intersect at point H. Prove that lines GH AD and BC are parallel. I realised that AD and BC are parallel because ABCD is...
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    An irregular hexagon H has vertices (1, 0), (0, 1), (−2, 2), (−1, 0), (0,−1) and (2,−

    An irregular hexagon H has vertices (1, 0), (0, 1), (−2, 2), (−1, 0), (0,−1) and (2,−2).? a) Using standard notation, write down the elements of the symmetry group S(H) of H, giving a brief description of the geometric effect of each symmetry on points in the plane. b) Compile a...
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    hexagon diagonal help

    I have solved the longer diagonal to be 2 if you plug in 1 as the side length of the hexagon, but I do not know how to calculate the shorter diagonal's length
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    hi can someone please explain the solution to me please, thanks
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    weird hexagons and green thm

    Hi, I would appreciate if someone could help. thanks. Calculate the work done by the non conservattive force F=x³j in moving a particle,around the regular hexagon with vertices at (√3,1),(0,2),(-√3,1),(-√3,-1),(0,-2) and (√3,-1) in that order. (use greens theorem). For this question I tried...
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    Combinatorial Identity, Pascal's Triangle, Hexagon Identity

    Latex is pretty sweet! just learned how to use this, so for this question Prove the following combinatorial identity if {1}\leq k<n. This identity is known as the hexagon identity and relates terms in Pascal's Triangle. \left(\begin{array}{cc}n-1\\k-1\end{array}\right)...
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    Boundary conditions to solve Laplace Equation on a Hexagon

    Hello All, In order to solve a 2D Laplace Equation in x-y coordinates, we need to prescribe 4 boundary conditions (2 in x and 2 in y). For example, if the domain of interest is a 1x1 rectangle, we can specify BCs at x=0, x=1, y=0, and y=1. But, what if the domain is arbitrary, say a hexagon...
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    Triangles in a Hexagon

    Consider all of the possibilities of generating a triangle with three diagonals and/or sides of a regular hexagon. In each case, find the probability that a point inside the hexagon is also inside the triangle. Explain each solution.
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    Triangle inscribed in a Hexagon

    Hey sorry if this is in the wrong place and if the picture is too small but I need some help What can you say about a triangle that is inscribed in a hexagon, where the vertices of the triangle hits the midpoint of 3 sides of a hexagon? if there is something about it please explain it to me so...
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    hexagon please help!!

    I need to know the value of s and a. S is the side length of the hexagon and a is the smallest width. The only value I know is A = 48” (inches) and the circumradius which is also 48”.
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    vectors in regular hexagon

    a regular hexagon OPQRST has its vertices at O ( the origin) and points P,Q,R, S,T with position vector p,q,r,s,t respectively. The point U with position vector u is the midpoint of the line segment OP, and SU meets OR at the point V please see attached diagram I need to show that the position...
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    Finding DE,FA. in Hexagon

    Hexagon ABCDEF has a circumscribed circle and an inscribed circle. If AB = 9, BC = 6, CD = 2, and EF = 4. how to Find {DE, FA}
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    Area of outter hexagon in circle

    Consider a circle with radius r. How do i work out the area of the circumscribe hexagon? I have managed to work out the area of the inner to be 3asqrt{r^2-a^2}.
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    Circle and hexagon problem.

    Heres the problem: A hexagon is machined from a circle having a diameter of 8 cm. How much area needs to be removed from the circle? I've found the area of the circle, but I can't figure out how to get the area of the hexagon from the information given. Its not located anywhere in my text...
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    Hexagon inscribed in circle gr.10

    this is apparantly gr. 10 'challenge 'material which I have no idea how to solve. If a regular hexagon is inscribed in a circle, and the apothem of the hexagon is 5, find the area between the circle and the hexagon. I know i have to find the area of the isosoceles triangles formed from the...
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    regular hexagon

    three of the six vertices of regular hexagon are chosen at random.the possibility that the triangle with three vertices is equilateral equals three vertices can be chosen as 6C3 after that what to do
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    Vectors and Hexagon

    I've been at this question for a few hours and I'm stuck. I really need to see someone show the work so I can finally understand and "get it". In Figure (see attached picture), A, B, C, D, E, and F, are the vertices of a regular hexagon centered at the origin. Express each of the...