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    Please helpppp

    Help plz
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    logically equivalnce helpppp

    (b) Show that the following are logically equivalent without using truth tables. Clearly state all rules used ~(p or q) or (~p ^ q) is equilavant to p No matter what I try I cant get this.. hep!(Crying)(Crying)
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    how can i write my question helpppp

    i am trying to copy my question but i paste it dnt appear (Crying) do i have to use any software math type
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    matlab code helpppp :(

    helpp!! i need a MATLAB CODE! 2520 is the smallest number that can be divided by each of the numbers from 1 to 10 without any remainder. What is the smallest number that is evenly divisible by all of the numbers from 1 to 20? i need the matlab code for this it is so...
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    Logarithms Questions helpppp~

    Back with more Qs^^ without calculator solve for x : logx = 3loga - logb +logc the answer is a^3c/b i canceled all the logs and got x =a^3-b+c than i got stuck simplify: 4^log2 3 i got to 3=2X than i got stuck the answer is 9... 3/2 can't get 9.. whats the value of X : logx 8=3/4...
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    Heres the question exactly as is: Tangents to the curve f(x)=4x-x^2 intersect at (7/4,11/2). P and Q are points of tangency to the curve. Find the point of intersection of the normals drawn to the curve at points P and Q. I can only find the point on the left of the curve but i cant find...
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    HELPPPP! Trigonometry!

    2(sin^-1x)cubed+5(sin^-1x)squared-1=0 Helppp solve the equation. Please? As well as find the area and perimeter of the triangle. cos(a) equals approximately -.125, b=8, c=8 Helpppp! -Thanks
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    Solve For b: ax(squared) + bx+c=y. Three times the larger of 2 consecutive even intergers, decreased by the smaller is 58. Find the numbers. Find 3 consecutive intergers such that the sum of the first two is 74 more than the third. A pipe is 48 inches long. David wants to cut the pipe into...
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    Graphing helpppp...

    Find the intercepts, symmetries, domain, range and (vertical and horizontal) asymptotes. Also Sketch the graph: 1.) y = \frac{1}{8}(x^3-4x) 2.) x^2(y^2-4) = 4 Thanks!
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    Graphing helpppp...

    Sketch the graph of the function and determine its domain and range: 1.) F(x) = \frac{x^3 - 2x^2}{x-2} the answer from the back of our book is domain: {x|x is not equal to 2}; - i dont know why range: [0,+ /infty ) 2.) F(x) = |3x + 2| thank you very much
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    Fifty fifth-grade students from each of four city schools were given a standardized fifth-grade reading test. After grading, each student was rated as satisfactory or not satisfactory in reading ability, with the following results: 1 2 3 4 School 7 10 13 6 Not satisfactory...