1. R

    need help to figure out stack height on parts that nestle together, drawing included.

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this, but just needed some help figuring out a way to make an equation to solve a problem. To start I am not that great at math, so try to take it easy on me, I hope I have posted enough in the picture along with my explanation below to be able to...
  2. X

    rate of increasing of height

    Sand is taken out from its container at rate of 104(cm^3)/s .By the same pace, the sand is then put into a vertical circular cone with increasing rate of radius = 2cm/min... If when 30cm^3 of sand is taken out, radius of cone -6cm...Find the increasing rate of height of sand at that time...
  3. E

    Calculating the height of a circle segment

    Hey guys, I'm helping my father with some calculations for building a steam engine. I need to calculate the height of a circle segment i know the area of and also knowing the radius. I got as far as finding the following formula: Area of segment = (((Ɵ/360) * π – (sin(Ɵ)/2)) x r² I understand...
  4. J

    Need help with height of segment

    Is there a formula or straight forward approach to find the relationship of F and the diameter of a circle. In this example the diameter is, say, 8 units.
  5. P

    Height of an Isosceles Trapezoid

    Hello, I am trying to solve for the height of an isosceles trapezoid, but the only information I have is: bshorter = 5ft Area = 83.33 sqft angles within the trapezoid are 150o on the short end and 30o on the longer end. I realize this would be easy if I only had the length of the longer...
  6. P

    brackets exceed matrix vertically,

    I make matrices with embedded matrices. Some rows are therefore taller than others. When the lower rows are taller than the upper rows (because the lower rows have taller matrices embedded in them than the upper rows do), the brackets go too far up. Similarly, if the upper rows are taller than...
  7. X

    rate of change of height

    15 feet ladder is resting agianst the wall. the bottom is initially 10 feet away from the wall and is being pushed 0.25ft/s towards the wall. how fast is the top of ladder moving up the wall 12 seconds after start pushing . 15 ^2 = (b^2 + c^2 ) d 15 ^2 / dt = d (b^2 + c^2 ) / dt 2b/(db/dt)...
  8. D

    Find height of arc on a line segment of a circle?

    Hi! I have a radius of 1,129 feet (Really big). I have a strait line segment that's 110 feet 5 inches. What's the greatest height in inches from the line to the arc? Also, what's the formula? Thank you!!! It seems it's only a few inches? My neighborhood blocks are curved. My property line fence...
  9. Jason76

    Max Height of a Projectile

    A projectile is fired with an initial speed of 240 m/s and angle of elevation of 60 degrees, and it's fired 100 m off the ground. Find the max height when the t value is 42.4175707974285 The key is to maximize y(t). What is a hint on a beginning setup?
  10. H

    height of equilateral triangle

    It is given that height of equilateral triangle is (root3/2)*side. I know sin 60 = root 3/2 but how did they get the formulae for the height of equilateral triangle.
  11. R

    Finding the height of the flagpole

    Hi Everyone, I've been scouring the internet for a couple days now trying to figure this out. I got this question wrong on an exam and I've yet to figure out how to get the correct answer. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. The question is attached. Question:
  12. M

    Help Please ( height and length) !!!

    hi everyone i have been stuck with this question for days so please help me the given is 10m if you know how to solve it please do it in a steps so i learn how to do it in quizzes.
  13. O

    Finding the height of a cylinder

    Question: The radius and height of a cylinder are integers. If the total surface area is numerically equal to the volume, determine the largest possible number of units in the height of the cylinder.
  14. D

    Calculate the height of a bar of an areogram

    Hello! I've got some problems solving this table: Age(of a population) [0-15) [15,20) [20,30) [30,50) [50,100) Frequency 45 25 35 45 50 Consider an areogram of data.If the second and the third category are put together,what will the height (of the resulting bar) be? First of all I found the...
  15. H

    If a ball is thrown upward. . . find velocity at certain height.

    If a rock is thrown vertically upward from the surface of Mars with velocity 15 m/s, its height after t seconds is h=15t-1.86t^2. What is the velocity of the rock when its height is 25 m on its way up? On its way down? Answers: (6.24 m/sec; -6.24 m/sec) I took the height equation and...
  16. T

    Probability that the mean height for the sample is greater than 65 inches?

    The mean height of women is 64.2 inches. A random sample of 50 is selected. What is the probability that the mean height for the sample is greater than 65 inches? assume = 2.94 2.94/SQRT(65) = .3647 65 - 64.2/.3647 = 2.19 The answer should be .0272 (Where do I get this?)
  17. N

    Temperature and height

    Hello, I am new to Math Help Forum and I have a question regarding a Word problem. The problem is: As dry air moves upward, it expands and, in so doing, cools at a rate of about 1 degrees Celsius for each 100-meter rise, up to about 12 km. If the ground temperatur is 10 degree Celsius on the...
  18. nycmath

    Find Height of Building

    From the roof of one building, an observer 2m tall sights the top of another building 42m tall at an angle of depression of 14 degrees. If the bases of the buildings are 94m apart, how tall is the building on which the observer is standing?
  19. V

    Measuring Height of Mountain

    The setup for this problem is weird: We have a staff of height Y. We walk away from the base of a mountain an arbitrary distance. We place the staff down and measure it's shadow as length X1. Then, we walk a distance "d" towards the mountain, place our staff down, and measure the length of this...
  20. M

    Triangle Height Help? Area?

    I need to know how to calculate the height of a specific triangle in order to calculate the area. i know the base length (4.24m) and the side lengths, which are equal, (5.8m) and i cant get access to the original triangle to measure the height. is there some other way to calculate it without the...