1. D

    Cubic headache

    Competition problem here: PUZZLEUP - Weekly Puzzle Competition (a problem and games site) After a few Tylenols (extra strength), I submitted 1296: total sticks before openings : 1944 sticks removed to create openings: 648 1944 - 648 = 1296 So will I be a hero or a zero?!
  2. L

    Integral headache

    Hi. I have problem with this integral. Thanks in advance.
  3. Paze

    Combinations giving me a headache

    I've watched several videos and read several articles but nothing seems to help. I can't for the life of me get a firm grasp of combinations. I have a very easy time realizing permutations. It's logical, I have 3 spots and 5 people to fill it. In the first spot I have 5, in the second I have 4...
  4. K

    Binomial calculator headache !

    Hi guys, Im studying for my stats exam and working out binomial problems. My maths is poor, do I'm finding hard enough understanding the theory without my calculator causing headaches! I am using a scientific HP10s and when I try to work out say 0.10 to the power of 3 which is x but my...
  5. J

    simple transposition headache

    0 = 400 - 600t^2 transpose for t I get t = -400/-600^2 I am not confident that this right, please advise?
  6. P

    Geometric progression headache

    In a geometric progression, the sum to infinity is 9 and the sum of the first two terms is 5. find the first four terms of the progression, given that they are positive. I got a value of r = 2/3 from trail and error and the first 4 terms was 3, 2, 11/3, 8/9 but got told that it had to be...
  7. Mollier

    Matrix norms, sup,max and headache

    Hi, I am reading (again) about matrix norms and have a few questions. The definition I have says that given any norm ||*|| on the space \mathbb{R}^n of n-dimensional vectors with real entries, the subordinate matrix norm on the space \mathbb{R}^{n x n} of n x n matrices with real entries...
  8. D

    Expert mathematicians sought... Headache & a half...

    I will endevour to explain this as best as I can... Thanks for your help in advance everyone! I work in an industry that analyses surveys sent from customers. Surveys can only be positive or negative. (Simple as that really). Now we have a site target to reach 90% positive. As a constant...
  9. C

    Huge headache on evaluating floor function limits

    I have a few questions regarding floor functions and how to evaluate their limits: So far, when asked to evaluate the limit of an expression's floor function, I would simply get the floor function of x and substitute this value for the expression. For example given the problem: lim [_x+1_] as...
  10. B

    Integral calculation is giving me a headache

    I'm new to the forum so I'm to sure how to pose my question in LaTeX, so if someone could point me in the direction of some LaTeX information that would be great! I need to calculate the indefinite integral of: 1 / [(x^2)*sqrt(1-(a/x^2))] wrt x ( a is not a(x) ). Any prod in the right...
  11. D

    I having a headache proving an identity

    I having some problem proving a identity. Prove: (sec^2x )/tanx = (cot^2x - tan^2x) / (cotx - tanx) i start by the left side so i get (1+tan^2x) / tan , and i then i convert tans to sins and cons, so i get (1+(sinX^2/con^2x))/(sinx/sin) after that i am lost, i dont know if i...
  12. Maccaman

    Number theory headache

    Calculate the last two decimal places of 3^{57} . I have no idea how to do this question. and Find the integers x and y that solve each of the following equations, or explain why no solution exists (a) 1856x + 984y = 4 (b) 11111111x + 3333y = 4444 (c) 968x + 372y = 4...
  13. S

    Factorizing - a true headache

    please someone help: penultimate question one of my step paper quizzes; 8x3+6x2-23x+9 or in other words: Reduce to a binomial expression the sum of eight times a number x raised to the power of three and six times a number x raised to the power of two less the sum of twenty three times a...
  14. T

    One big headache please help