1. D

    Hard trig question help

    A hiker travels a distance of 5km from point P to point Q on a bearing of 030°. She then travels from point R on a bearing of 330° for 10km. The distance west of R from P, in kilometers.
  2. D

    Hard equation

    Hello , I am trying to solve this equation for 2hours but I don't know how to do it...mabye someone can help me? ;) I would be very gratefull
  3. H

    Stuck with hard question

    Here is the question, Two bungy jump operators are conducting an experiment to estimate the length of the latex rubber required, when full extended, for a safe vertical jump off the bridge, OP1 drops a boulder from the bridge, uses a stopwatch to time how long it takes before he sees the...
  4. O

    One More (sry forgot i also skipped this one to hard for me :P)

    You are given an array A[0....n-1] of n numbers. Let d be the number ofdistinct numbers that occur in this array. For each i with 0 <=i <=n-1 let Ni be thenumber of elements in the array that are equal to A[i].  Show that d= summation i=0 n-1 1/NiConsider the following algorithm:Step 1...
  5. D

    Factoring hard trinomial confusion

    I have this equation that I need to factor The answer to this I am given is However no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to get to this solution I have tried... Step 1 Multiplying the first term by the last term to get 24 Step 2 Finding out what factor of 24 adds to get -10. The answer I...
  6. G

    Hard series problem

    Problem in image. I don't know how to start. I can do part b ok. help appreciated thanks
  7. G

    Two non-intersecting circles...

    Two non-intersecting circles C1, containing points M and S, and C2, containing points N and R, have centres P and Q where PQ=50. The line segments [MN] and [SR] are common tangents to the circles. The size of the reflex angle MPS is α, the size of the obtuse angle NQR is β, and the size of the...
  8. Kaloda

    A VERY VERY HARD probability problem.!!!

    Inside a box, there are 16 marbles in which 7 are red and the rest are blue. 16 people that consists of 11 males and 5 females lined up to randomly pick one marble at a time. The females occupied the 3rd, 4th, 8th,9th, and 14th spot and the males occupied the rest. Assuming that there is no...
  9. B

    HELP! :( My assignment in maths is hard :(

    Okay, so here is my problems: 1) Pinky measures that place is 100 feet wide, and the distance from the place of the tribune is 20 feet. Tribune angle he estimates to 45 degrees. He then draw a shape with a triangle ABC where A is 90 degrees. Then he draws a line from C to a point D on AB...
  10. Kaloda

    VERY HARD Trigonometric Equation!!

    2\sin{2x}+2\sqrt{3}\sin{x}-2\sqrt{3}\cos{x}-3=0 Solve for x. Maple gave 60, 120, 150 & -150 degrees as the answers. I tried to find a solution but in vain.
  11. I

    Newton's law of cooling, who died first? Extremely hard

    Two bodies have been found. The wife was found dead inside the heated home where the temperature was maintained at 22 degrees celsius. The husband dragged himself outside, where the outside temperature during the preceding day was 8 to 12 degrees celsius. The doctor took the temperatures of the...
  12. F

    hard algebra question

    Factorial that are one less than a Square hey guyz..will u please help me on getting the required of this problem and the solution..i tried but i think i really need your help.. "Are the integers n and x (with n>7) such that n!=x^2-1? By n! we mean that product of the integers from 1 to n. It...
  13. M

    Having trouble with a Calculs Integration

    The integration is [dx / (x Sqrt[1 - x]) Seems pretty simple but the question specify to not use the Tanh integration formula... Now i'm stuck if my calculation are correct. Using the Pythagore i get to a point where i integrate Sec (theta) and stuck... got Ln ¦ sec (theta) + Tan (theta) ¦ +...
  14. J

    Hard Integral

    How do you integrate (cosx)^6 + (sinx)^6? I think this question may involve using some identities but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance for any help.
  15. A


    Hello people of Math Help Forum! I am new to this website, I am desperately seeking help and answers! I am in the 8th grade, and I am 13 years old. I take Pre-Algebra, which is the easiest math class I can take in my grade. But it is still too hard! I try, and try, and TRY to understand math...
  16. E

    AHHHH help! completing the square

    So I have a problem that I cannot figure out for crap. Please walk through by COMPLETING THE SQUARE and getting what x equals. 4n^2+12+5=0 I know its (2n+1)(2n+5) but I need to know how to do it by completing the square so my first thing was 4n^2+12+36=31.
  17. O

    Hard combinatorics question

    Let's say that I have a chess board (64 squares), and I want to color it using 5 colors (green, red, blue, yellow and black), but making sure that neither of the colors touch each other. How many different boards can I make? To clarify a bit: let's say that the square b2 is blue. Then the...
  18. L

    How hard is Linear algebra vs. Calculus

    I'm currently almost done with 1st semester calc I'm taking second semester calc in fall 2013 but that would fit the prereq. for linear algebra I'm thinking of taking both at once, I'm not some sort of math wiz but I can get a B in calc if I study hard enough Do you think it is a bad idea to...
  19. S

    Help with hard Standard Form questions?

    I only expect a few answers, as this is very high level maths. Those of you that CAN work this stuff out, please could you show your workings out as I need it for school. I would do it myself but I was ill the entire time we did this subject and my teacher is very strict. T H A N K Y O U to...
  20. L

    hard limit problem involving a trig. exponent

    PROBLEM: \lim_{x\to\(\pi^+)}{(1+3sinx)^{cot(x)}} ATTEMPT: Does L'Hopital's Rule apply work for this problem? I don't think so, because it is not in the appropriate indeterminate form; for, it would be 1^\infty. But I don't know any elementary methods that would be appropriate here, nor any...