1. F

    Time: What is the 1st time after 4:30 that min&hr hands don't form acute angle

    How would you solve this? Note: it is on a circular alarm clock How would you mathematically solve this? I have tried drawing it out, but I do not understand the steps. Thanks! Choices are as follows: - 4:35 - 4:36 - 4:37 - 4:38 - 4:39 Thanks!
  2. L

    Time when hands of the clock make right angles.

    Sorry for the confusion on the earlier question. I want to know how to find out the times when hands of a clock make right angles. I know that it forms right angles 11 times in 12 hours, making it 22 times in a day. How do we get the answer without trial and error for every hour...
  3. L

    Hands of clock coinciding

    Firstly if this is not the correct section, please change it. I checked on the Internet regarding the times in 12 hours the hands of the clock meet and they have used this formula: \[m = 60 *\frac{h}{11}\] I just want to know how it is obtained. Thanks in advance.
  4. M

    Card Hands: Exactly, At Least, At Most

    I'm trying to build a probability calculator for a trading card game (I'll abstract any examples so they're not dependent on knowing anything about the game itself) that can accept a variety of user input based on the cards in the deck and calculate the probability of drawing said cards in a...
  5. E

    poker hands

    I am doing the following question. "5. How many poker hands are there that contain at least one of [email protected], QB, AC, or 6D ? Show your work." For my solution I did A=52*(51C4) B=52*51*(50C3) C=52*51*50*(49C2) D=52*51*50*49*(48C1) then A+B+C+D=E Does this seem to make sense?
  6. T

    How many 7-card hands can be chosen

    How many 7-card hands can be chosen from a standard deck of 52 cards such that no two cards are of the same rank? Is it as simple as {13\choose 7} or am I missing something? I tried starting with all {52 \choose 7} possibilities and then subtracting the set of hands where there was exactly...
  7. N

    angles between clock hands of the Time = 11:08

    The questions asks what is the small angle between clock hands where it shows 11:08 This is not a difficult questions, what I need is the fastest possible solution. My Solution: We first consider that two hands are on 00:00 I would say an hour is 60 minutes so 360/60 = 6 degree for each...
  8. L

    Graph theory Proof - shaking hands

    I have a proposition that says in a group of 25 people, it is possible for each to shake hands with exactly with 3 other people. I am pretty sure that it is true and that I have to use a directed graph to prove it but I don't know where to go after that. Can anyone give me a hint? Thanks in advance.
  9. H

    Measure of angle formed by minute and hour hands

    Hi, What is the measure of the angle formed by the minute and hour hands of a clock at 1:50? (A) 90^o (B) 95^o (C) 105^o (D) 115^o (E) 120^o Answer: D My guess was 90^o after mentally flipping it. My approach was worthless and remains worthless for questions of this type. I seek a better...
  10. S

    Number of card hands.

    Not entirely sure how to do this. Would appreciate some help. In a game of poker, five players are each dealt 5 cards from a 52-card deck. How many ways are there to deal the cards?
  11. oldguynewstudent

    Blackjack hands

    How many hands are there in which the face-down card is an ace and the face-up card is not a heart? There are 4 ways to choose an ace times 39 ways to choose not a heart, then subtract out the combinations of two ace of spades, two ace of diamonds and two ace of clubs. This gives 4*39 - 3 =...
  12. oldguynewstudent

    Bridge hands

    Nate, Ben, Suzy, and Gracie play bridge. In how many ways can the 52-card deck be dealt so that each player receives 13 cards? Since all cards are being dealt, wouldn't this just be \left(52\right)_{52}? My reasoning is that in the 52! permutations of the cards each player can just get every...
  13. S

    Hands on a clock - mensuration

    A town clock has "hands" that are of length 62cm and 85cm. Find the angle between the hands at half past ten. I'm confused because I've only been given two sides ?
  14. B

    Clock with transposed hands

    Imagine a clock with hour and minute hands that move continuously. Suppose someone transposes the hands. The clock remains otherwise unchanged and continues to run. At what times of the day would this altered clock then show reasonable correlations of hands even if the times thus shown are wrong?
  15. A

    Height of minute hands off a clock

    A large clock with rotating hour and minute hands is on a building with its center 20 feet tall. The length of the hour hand is 1.5 feet in length and the length of the minute hand is 2 feet. At 8:20, give the height off the ground of the tip of each hand 20+2sin(330)= 19 feet of the ground...
  16. Twig

    How many 5-card hands make full house

    Hi I have the feeling I am wrong somewhere, I try to calculate the number of 5-card hands that make full house. 13\cdot \binom{4}{3}\cdot 12 \cdot \binom{4}{2} thanks
  17. K

    5 cards from deck hands consist of 3 clubs and 2 diamonds

    Please help me solving this prob 5 cards are drawn from a standard deck of cards how many hands may consists of 3 clubs and 2 diamond? Thanks in advance Karthik
  18. J

    From a 52 card deck, how many 4 card hands ...

    From a 52 card deck, how many 4 card hands are there that (a) Do not contain a pair? (That is, the ranks are all different) (b) Have exactly 2 pairs? Any help would be great! Thanks!
  19. S

    Combinatorics - Poker Hands

    Just a simple poker question using combinatorics. Consider a standard deck of 52 cards. How many different four card hands have two pairs?
  20. I

    need help calculating the angular velocity of each of the three hands of a clock

    im not sure where to start, thanks. EDIT: i might have solved it. i assume that the angular velocity is constant(assuming that the three hands are in const rotation) seconds hand: v = w = pi/30s^-1 minutes hand: v = w = pi/1800s^-1 hours hand: v = w = pi/21600s^-1 is this right? thanks.