1. G

    Graph - Odd # Vertices

    Would you be able to help me with this? Thank you in advance!! Can a graph have an odd number of vertices of odd degree? Explain
  2. A

    Transforming logarithmic graphs.

    Hi; I'm graphing -1/2log(base2)(-2x - 4)+3. I just want to confirm I'm entering this right into my graphing software, By having some points confirmed so for the parent function I have points (1,0)(2,1)(4,2) and (8,3) for the transformed function I have points...
  3. N

    Transformations of graphs

    Question 1 The graph of the function y=e^x+10 is horizontally expanded by a factor of 6 and vertically expanded by a factor of 2. In terms of f(x) I know it would be y=2f(1/6x), but I am having problems plugging that into y=e^x+10. Question 2 The graph of the function y=x^3-7x is horizontally...
  4. A

    graphing log vs t graphs help

    Hi, I have a question I need help with. The question is: Explain why, for an exponential model, the plot of logkv(t) versus t will result in a straight line of gradient equal to logk(b) and vertical intercept equal to logk(a). In the previous question, I had an equation of logkv(t) = logk(a)...
  5. P

    Tables and graphs for "complicated word problems"

    As you may or may not know, I created two topics asking for assistance with complicated optimization problems (I have reposted both problems below for the sake of convenience). Thanks to the help of the experts on this forum, I acquired the answer for both problems, but I am now confronted with...
  6. C

    Determining graphs

    Dominick graphs the equation y=a|x| where a is a positive integer. If Gina multiplies a by -3, the new graph will become 1) narrower and open downward 2) narrower and open upward 3) wider and open downward 4) wider and open upward
  7. T

    Graphs of functions and their derivatives

    ​ The graph of f′ (not f) is given below. (Note that this is a graph of f′, not a graph of f.) At which of the marked values of x is A. f(x) greatest? x= B. f(x) least? x= C. f′(x) greatest? x= D. f′(x) least? x= E. f″(x) greatest? x= F. f″(x) least? x=
  8. J

    calculus and graphs

    see attachment i am so confused on how to approach this question (Crying)
  9. N

    Eigenvalues of complete partite Graphs.

    The eigenvalues of complete bipartite graph(Km,n) is given by the expression ±√m*n , 0(with multiplicity k-2). Where k is number of nodes in the graph. I am looking for generalization of the expression for eigenvalues of complete n-partite graphs. Does such a expression exists for complete...
  10. D

    Graphing a compound inequality?

    So I really am a little confused about this, because every time I ask for help they give me a graph on a number line instead of a full scale x and y axis graph. Can I get some help please? Graph the compound inequality. 6x+2y>12 or x-6y<6
  11. N

    Are these graphs Isomorphic?

    A. B. Determine if the pairs of graphs are isomorphic . For graph A I said they it is Isomorphic, but when I did the adjacency matrix it did not match up. For Graph B, I said it is not isomorphic but I could not find an invariant that is violated. Any help...
  12. R

    Which graph or graphs appear to show a sinusoid?

    Which graph or graphs appear to show a sinusoid? A. ll only B. lll only C. l only D. l and ll only I think the answer would be D. l and ll only because III appears to be y=Floor(x) which is not sinusoidal. Is this right? Please explain answer. Thank you!
  13. A

    derivative graphs

    Hi; I have the function x^3 - 6x^2 + 9x - 1 its first derivative 3x^2 - 12x - 5 its second derivative 6x - 12 which all graph correctly ie point of inflection in line with vertex. but I also have the function x^3 + x^2 - 5x + 3 its first derivative 3x^2 + 2x - 5...
  14. harpazo

    Find Slope From Graphs

    I need to estimate the slope for question 1 a and b. I need a detailed reply.
  15. S

    Split Functions

    g(x) = {ax if x < 3 {ab-12 if x =3 {x2 -4x+b if x > 3 1. What are the values of b and a if g(x) is continuous at x = 3 Please help and thank you
  16. A

    quartic graphs local min,local max

    Hi; How do you calculate the local minamum and local maximum for quartic graphs.Thanks.
  17. J

    non-isomorhpic simple graphs with four vertices

    draw all non-isomorphic simple graphs with four vertices theres 7 I believe no edges, one edge, 2 edges ,3 edges ,4 edges ,5 edges , 6 edges no loops nor parallel edges. am I missing any?
  18. A

    log equations from graphs.

    Hi; how do you find logarithmic equations from their graphs? Thanks.
  19. A

    natural log graphs

    Hi; what does the number 2 do in this function f(x) = -2ln(x - 5) - 3. I know the minus sign in front reflects the graph in the y-axis but I don't see what the 2 does?Thanks.