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    Standard Deviation Graph

    I have the following information about a test: The lowest score is 0 and the highest score is 100 The standard deviation is 12.8 The average score is 72.2 I have the results of one of the tests where the person scored a 52. How do I make a graph showing this information and how it relates to the...
  2. U

    Creating Rational Functions and Holes

    We are graphing on Desmos and I am confused on how to do these questions and create holes for them. 1. Identify a rational function whose graph lies entirely above the x-axis and has a single vertical asymptote. Graph the above function. 2. Identify a rational function whose graph has the...
  3. M

    Attempting to sketch this complex equation...

    Original question is to draw... |z - z₀| + |z - z₁| = 8. Given z₀ = 3 - 3i, z₁ = -4 -i. It should either be an ellipse or a circle (my interpretation). You can let z = x + iy. I reached √[(x-3)² + (y+3)²] + √[(x+4)² +(y+1)²] = 8. Not sure how to finish this.
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    Rational function word problem

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm trying to answer 12b. The solution is: "The function appears to approach 9kg/m^2 as time increases." I'm wondering whether there is a way to identify this behaviour (as noted in the solution) without graphing it? I understand that y = 9 must be the...
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    Subtracting two functions

    I'm trying to figure out how to properly subtract two functions that do not have the same domain. The example that I'm using is attached in this post - where I'm suppose to subtract g from f. While I could estimate the corresponding y-coordinate for g(3), I'm not sure how to find the exact...
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    Graphing inequality type problem?

    Hiya. I was given this question on my test prep homework. I have no idea how to even start it. All help is appreciated. "Graph the region 1<x+y<2 in the x,y coordinate plane." Thank you for any help you can give!
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    V simple graphing in Matlab Questions

    Hi, As part of a bigger question I have to create a simple plot in Matlab. Could anyone tell me where I am going wrong in the simple script below: %Test Plot x=-2:0.01:4; D=sqrt(x.^2+(x.^2-2*x-4).^2); Plot(x,D); Kind regards Beetle
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    Graphing modular function

    How to draw the graph of this function: f(x)=|x+1|-|x-1|
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    Graphing Exponential and Logarithmic functions help?

    On e^(2x+1) The transformations would be Left one and Multiply the x by 1/2 right? If so, why do you multiply the X by 1/2 and not 2? On e^(x/2) The transformations would be multiply the x by 2? Why 2?
  10. K

    Graphing a horizontal line -4y=-7

    The y intercept is -7/4, lets say i choose 0,3,2 as my x coordinates so i have (0,-7/4) how would i graph that?
  11. A

    How to graph any functions

    Hi I need help with my functions class. I know how to graph linear and quadratic functions, but i always have problems with reasoning type functions such as (sinx)(sqrtx) or (logx)(cosx). How do i graph these types of functions. Are there a specific number of rules i must follow or any method i...
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    Graphing a Vector Field

    Hello! I'm not really sure how to graph this vector field for a problem my teacher has given me. We were shown how to graph an extremely simple vector field in class, but this one has different requirements that I'm not sure how to address. Problem: Sketch the largest simply connected region...
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    graphing area of bivariates

    Can I get help on what the area looks like for the following problem. If X is uniform on [0, 1] and conditional on X, Y, is uniform on [0, X].
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    Graphing with terminal velocity

    My notes didn't show how the second derivative was evalated. Would I need to plug in the same values I used in the first derivative inside the second derivative to figure out whether v'' is greater than or equal to zero?
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    Graphing with derivatives problem

    Hello! I'm having a little trouble with this problem. f(x) = 11 - 6e-x I know the derivative is 6e-x, which means there are no critical points. And i know there is a horizontal asymptote at y=11. I need help finding where f(x) is increasing (using interval notation using the union U symbol)...
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    Graphing a Curve

    Forming an Equation for a Decay Curve Hey all, I need help forming an equation for a graph that has these points. 7,70 8,37 9,27 10,21 11,18 12,15 Domain X greater than or equal to 70 The line needs to pass through these points as closely as possible, my teacher has been away for a...
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    Sine Graph Equation Word Problem

    A ferris wheel is 40 meters in diameter and boarded at ground level. The wheel makes one full rotation every 4 minutes, and at time t=0 you are at the 9 o'clock position and descending. Let f(t) denote your height (in meters) above ground at t minutes. Find a formula for f(t). I know stuff like...
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    Graphing conjugation and unification

    Hello guys I have one more problem i'm confused on for my final tomorrow, I believe it's really obvious, but my brain is just fried right now. so (a)x>=-6 and x<=4---( ) (d) x>=-6 or x<=4---( ) (b)x<=-6 and x>=4---( ) (e) x<=-6 or x>=4---( )...
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    graphing log vs t graphs help

    Hi, I have a question I need help with. The question is: Explain why, for an exponential model, the plot of logkv(t) versus t will result in a straight line of gradient equal to logk(b) and vertical intercept equal to logk(a). In the previous question, I had an equation of logkv(t) = logk(a)...
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    Graphing By Hand

    Living in the age of graphing calculators, do you think it's important not to forget graphing by hand? I say yes.