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    Probability - CDF Given

    My answer is 0.9 - 2/4 = 0.4 but the instructor answer is 0.5 + 0.15 = 0.65 I don't understand
  2. D

    Triangles in a graph

    Hi guys, How to prove that a graph with n nodes and m edges has at least m*(4*m - n2)/(3*n) triangles? Thanks in advance! ^-^
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    Graphs: Hemiltonian cycle/path

    Hi! I have two problems I should solve/prove in the subject of Hemiltonian cycles/paths. 1) Statement: We can create a cycle by using one pack of dominos. (domino rules: we have one brick, with two numbers (from 1 to 6) on each half of one side. we have to place the bricks next to each other...
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    Interpreting graph

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can provide some input on the following description: Maybe I'm interpreting the information incorrectly, but I can't help but think that this information is conflicting. When I graph R(t), I get a function that plummets immediately, as opposed to rise in value...
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    Help in efficiency analysis for path finding in graph

    Hi, I am using a Graph with two types of edges. It's a directed and weighted(Non negative weight <=1) graph. The maximum out degree of a node is 2. I need to find if there exist a path between two distinct nodes(with only 1st type of edge). If it exists, then I need to find out all paths between...
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    Computing complexity in graph theory

    Let P denote the graph with V(P) = {2 sets of [5]} and vertices adjacent if and only if they are disjoint (as sets). The complexity of a labeled graph is the number of spanning trees contained in the graph. Let t(G) denote the complexity of graph G. 1. Please compute t(P), the complexity of...
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    Polynomial inequality

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I'm trying to solve 11b and 11c: For 11b - I don't understand why the solution is only 0 < 154.75 Celsius. I see other parts of this graph where v > 0, namely on the left-hand side of the y-axis, so I'm curious why this is not included in the solution. For...
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    Inflection point vs Saddle point

    How can I know the difference between inflecion point and saddle point? Is the saddle point always horizontal and vertical?
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    Graph Theory Optimization Problem

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on an algorithm aiming to find the best route between two vertices (the best, not the shortest...(Nod)) My hypothesis : - G a graph - each vertex is graded (a grade out of 10 for example) - the edges are also weighted - we call "mean of a path" the...
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    find equation of tangent line to graph at the function given value of x

    f(x)= -2x^(1/2)+x^(3/2), x=4. So I know we need a point, and a slope. f(4)= -2(sqrt4) + (sqrt16) with an index of 3. f(4)= -4+ 2(sqrt2) with an index of 3. so are point is (4, -4+ 2(sqrt2) with an index of 3) now we need to find f'(4) to find the slope which is : limit of x approaching...
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    Calculus questions about IVT and EVT?

    I have these questions to do for homework and I am really stuck (Worried) (look at the picture in the link) [COLOR=#000000][FONT=&amp]The only thing I have so far is that 1C is impossible and that 1D is just basically any continuous function. I need help with the other questions - any type of...
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    Left and Right Limit - Hospital Dose

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    cylinder graph

    for the second picture , why did the graph span from y =-b to y = b ... In the first and the third , we can notice that the graph only span from z = 0 to z = b and x = 0 to x = b only ...... Is the second figure wrong ? Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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    Cordial Labeling of 4-regular Graph

    A function f:V→{0,1} is said to be a cordial labeling if each edge uv has the label │f(u)-f(v)│ such that, ● The number of vertices labeled ‘0’ and the number of vertices labeled ‘1’ differ by at most “one” denoted as ││V1│-│V0││≤1. ● The number of edges labeled ‘0’ and the number of edges...
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    graph of cylinder (x^2) +(y^2)+2y =8 =0

    I'm asked to sketched a cylinder with (x^2) +(y^2)+2y =8 =0 here's my answer, it's not same as the author's answer....I'm wondering ismy ans correct? I gt x^2 + (y-1)^2 = -7 , the -7 corresponds to value on z-axis,right? But, i didnt get a cylinder
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    Graph Theory: Asteroidal-Triple

    Hello there! I'm currently working on Interval Graph Recognition Algorithms and I'm reading on Asteroidal-triple free graph recognition. I'd highly appreciate it if anyone could give me a graph example of an asteroidal triple. Thank you!
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    F and F' graph help

  18. X

    polar graph

    here's a list of polar gra[h that i dont understand... taking the first and second example , r = a cos theta , r = a sin theta why the center line of first graph is at x -axis ? why the second one is at y -axis ? and, where's the theta ? i didnt see it in figure
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    Graph - Odd # Vertices

    Would you be able to help me with this? Thank you in advance!! Can a graph have an odd number of vertices of odd degree? Explain
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    Graph the Ellipse.

    36x^2+25y^2=400 from the textbook, they have x^2/100/9 +y^2/16=1.. How do they get that??? I keep dividing the whole thing by 400 and get x^2/0.09 +y^2/0.0625=1